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Daily Record Saturday, November 3, [...].

Scotland's best racing guide by a distance Daily Record Saturday, November 3, 2012 IN ASSOCIATION WITH The Punter mps itos to 05 Ayr tseits today Champ takes it on nose Inside e 6 Ascot e Lu teDON' DOe 'T DIVE N ON IN N LUIS ensiden 060606 02 Wetherby 03 Tanya 04 Newmarket Lucinda 06 08 Santa Huntingdon 10 Fixit 12 Results 0606060606 06 0606 AsAscot AscoAscot Ascot 08 0808 080808 Down Roy RoDown Roya ownRoya wn Royal Down Royal Anit Santa An aA Ani a Anita VILLAIN OF THE PRICE HE REF H FS IN TH REFdeedensidensidedensidnsidsidsidnside E FIRING LINE RING LIN FIRnInnInInInInIn 0909 09 09 Carlislesl Carlisle Carlisle HuntingdonHuntingdonHuntingdonuntingdtingdtintintinntingduntingdonHuntingdonHuntingdon 101010FixitFi it FixitFixitFixitFixitFixitFixit GES 4&PAG 5 page 6 Res PApage 81212 ReRe li l 101010101010 FixitFixFixitxFixitFixitFixit 1 sults A great headery in herey YO Silv in iaco L UR GOU UEWITH THE PREMIER LEAGU G TH d fillfill fifififififififififillll tht fififififillfill fififififififill fifififil fififififill t h t ready to fill the c bR h b b By Garry Owen bre a ch tintitintitnti nti nt can co can co can co nan cocan co can co c co can co cancan co anc co n tinunuenunu ntinue tinn e ntinunu ntinue ntinue n ueue ntin e nt n e nt n nt DiDitchitchtch Di eateat line of ne of gregreat eat aschahas h rserser aser sas r ser ha ersechashasereserse s Cont CoContContConCoCoCoCononConCoC ByG ry Oarr OwOwenwe ar ByGyGarry O Ga ry OyOwen ByGaGa we ByByGarr arry Oryry Ow ByGarry ByByGaGar ByGa ryO y aylor@ililyl recocor ayloayl @dailydailyr cor itaylol @d@d@dailyrecrec i.ti.taylo@lyrere itylo reoror itylor dailyrecor taytayo@dayryrerecoecor y y d ititi tit DiDit hth tltli f t h tbreach breach bre brb Conti can continue Ditcheat line of great chasers Fridays, but Paul Nicholls could just have a very smart chaser on his hands in (3.25). after takinger taking g some notable scalpotable scalpscalplps,s, psps, e scalps palp, ps, Nichollss embaarked on a novice chasing novice chasing chasini gngchasinchasinng has campaignaign in OOctobern O last year, and ast year, andandand ar, andnd despite llookokinge looking as though he wouldgh he woulwouldld woulduld come onme on for the race, jumped soundlmped soundoundly ndly ped soundound to fino finish just over four lengths behi four lengths behinlengths behinour lengths behilengths behinhinbe fou hs b g d at Chepstow.

ys tP ul N dayay butbtP ul ulul rid but PauPaul Fid ys,ys, s, bu P Fr daday, bt Pt P Fr dayay ut Pau Fridid bubu F y icholls could just chol uld hohol haeaverysmartrt c hae mar a very veveveryry ave ery smasm rc he ave marc h a vry sy sm rt c avave a artrt hahae yma hav a y haser on his hands serser s inininin in (3 (3.25).3.25 (3 The sheshesixsix-xyx-yeyear-o-o-oldldld chch she r-od The s ld ThThTh s -o s d T e s estnut, also a Fr hnc bred, , spenpenentnt F nch-b n F h ent Frerenc t Fren bre Fren e sp Fre h-b d, nch red e he early stages ofhe the early stages of hi carareeree w hwith GuGuiui h a w Gu er his e r hishis c ree Gu hisis llallaume Macaireire, me re, um e, winwinwiwiw nwinwi t befb fbeforefore jinjoijinjoin joininj R o ing tying tofindahg to find a hfind h d ho Trying to find a hhohohohohond ad a hoho g rse tofiofilfill rsrse tofillilfill o fifill r tof rsersese te to f ll hoesis isabit itit liktlik shshoes s a bit it lik shoessabitl k shoe a ikiklik isis it atemtempt att g e t mp g ttemt attemptiing att ptptining ea mpmptin e ttmpmp e atemp ng to winin EuronEurn MroroMililliMillii ns Milionons in roro onllionllion n EurroM liMilli EuroroMillions in Mil ns w o on ucccces isivsiveve n sucucc ssve onon on ss cessve on s cccc e uc ive s after taking some notable scalps, Nicholls embarked on a novice chasing campaign in October last year, and despite looking as though he would come on for the race, jumped soundly to finish just over four lengths behind at Chepstow.Silviniaco opened his account at Wincanton the following month before finding too strong in the Feltham at Kempton, with subsequent The six-year-old chestnut, also a French-bred, spent the early stages of his career with Guillaume Macaire, winning his first three starts, before joining Nicholls in October, 2010. Rated 162 as a hurdler at Ditcheat Trying to find a horse to fill shoes is a bit like attempting to win EuroMillions on successive epstow. at Chepstow at ChepstoSilviniaco opened hiniaco oSilviniaco d hilviniaco opened hcoviniaco opened hopop Silviniaco opened holviniaco openne Silvi iacoiaco niaco eneenen h il niaiac opopen Silv is accountis accountuntis account at at cc t a ccountunt uouis account aatat coaccountoun aaccount atat ccococco Wi t thfollo ncanWincanncaWi tanton tonthnto hefolloefolloefole folllo WiWiWincanton thhehehe ollo antonthefollo W caWincantoincanton thn the follfollo Wnincant nth llo incanantonon o Wi ntonanton ingmwingmonth bef thbe ing wing month beforeoreonth before wingmotng month beforewing month befowin hbeonth befbefo wi be w month befoe ngw findinfindinf dingfinfindingngdingdiding ng ndind g h too strong in the too strong in too strong in i too strong in thehe he h toostrong h ro ton K t npton thwitwitwiththsubswithsubsequesequensequen withsubsequentwith subsequwithsu uentnt with subsequewithsubsequethubs quenenent w ubsubs wi qu nt seq fininding fi d g FeFelthamatm at am atat KempKemempton that Kat K pton elthat mp n Felth m non,, Feth Kem ,wiwith sth subsubsh subseqh wiw subsequque seq carereer wr wer withh ui carcareee Gu c r wi G er l ning hinghis fs fihis firsg his first t nn his first nnin n t t h first ng hrhree starts, beee starts b tart befofore rts, behree sta re e s s orere art e ni choNicholls ichollls in g N olls ingingning icNic s inin ing Ng Octobober,202010010. O er, 010010. bOctobctober, r, 201 ctotober, cto e 20 OcOc , Ra 162 asahurdhurdrd Rated1d16162aa Rated162a a rdrd asa hurd ated 62 ated162 162 as a hurdRaRaRated1 aRa lratDiDitctcheaeat lratratat Ditcheaheat leratatat heaea at Ditcheat lerlerat leratDi heheat lerat era Dit he TURNTURNTO PAGE TW URNTO PAGETW RN OPAGAGE PAGETWTWO AGE NTO PAGETWO UTUTURN TOTOP GEGE W TWOWO TURNRNRN OPAGPAGE TETE TURNRN TOPAGAGEAGE E TGE TWTW TWO TURN TO PA RNRN PAG T P GE TE N URN ethat I don't that Mark Mar d 162d16 u asahu ur hurd2 as a hurddrd hur2 h rdhurd a hurd ted162 asas hus urhurd2 hurd 16 as eratler at DiDitchehe Ditcheaat DitcheaatDitcheat ler ra Ditch Ditchtcheaea er Ditcheat lr hurdler i TOTO PAP PAPAGPAG TUTURN T hat TURN TO PAGE TWO believe M don t believeeve th ke ClattClattenburenburg wou gw ld mak..

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 3, 2012
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