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Articles from Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) (November 21, 2003)

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A BIG WHEEL HIT ME AND RAN AWAY; Quarter-mile trail of havoc as lorry tyre falls off on M-way. 572
A special affair; Roadtest: Renault Megane - Our passion for French cars is being fuelled by the new Megane family, says BILL CAVEN. 504
Al-Qaeda is now a worldwide brand name .. and its franchises are lethal. 460
Boxing: Arthur's snub to Gomez rematch. 158
Boy was `given wine and pills'. 228
Brace yourself, Larry!; Stars pay tribute to chat show King on 70th birthday. 334
Brother in rage at star's arrest. 229
Brutality of al-Qaeda splinter. 117
BUSH IS TOPPLED JUST LIKE SADDAM; Anti-war protesters pull down giant statue of US president. 911
Cheney flees a false alarm. 127
Cheney flees a false alarm. 128
Coming soon to a showroom near you .. the one-wheeled motorcycle. 393
Consul victim was set to retire. 298
COP NICKED IN UNDERCOVER COCAINE BUST; Drugs and porn stash in car. 346
Cruz's diamond pleaser. 83
Denis Law's cancer battle. 97
Do you spend it like Beckham?; Xmas shoppers one of 3 celeb types. 224
DON'T BLOW IT!; A hard-line new approach aims to cut out the dangers of drug use on our roads, writes BILL CAVEN. 455
Drop speed to save cash. 132
DRUGS GRASS SHOWN MERCY; Judge is praised. 260
ECK OF A READER; Cheers as Record stalwart celebrates his 100th birthday. 219
ESCORT DUTY; Brits stick by Ford's most popular model. 396
Fame's Leroy dies at 41. 109
Fishing: In brief. 99
Fishing: In brief. 92
Fishing: Red letter days. 448
Football pals rally round to help The Lawman. 208
Football: Andy in backing for Berti. 203
Football: At least Dutch defeat wasn't a record. 165
Football: Berti boys feeling the Press-ure worldwide. 322
Football: Berti flops feeling the Press-ure. 389
Football: Berti has only ever had the joy of six. 258
Football: Britt: one win will do. 86
Football: Charlie: We have to attack. 227
Football: COLL OFF THE WILD; Teen star Thommo is on the trail of his Easter Road hero. 891
Football: Dick: I got Ruud all shook up over Elvis. 377
Football: DONS DUDS IN CRISIS SUMMIT; Paterson tells players to shape up or go. 467
Football: Dunc is banned after a bust-up. 241
Football: England get a second boost. 273
Football: I KNEW DUTCH WOULD GUB US; Scots chief Taylor: We just aren't good enough. 910
Football: IT'S VITAL SPARKY STAYS; Giggs begs Hughes to stay on at Wales. 556
Football: Larsson rejects UEFA boss plea. 348
Football: Mackay: I promise you 1961 style woe. 560
Football: McCall mind games. 84
Football: OUESTION TIME. 973
Football: Pierre gave you a hiding and he never kicked a ball; Advocaat hands credit for victory to his Mr Motivator. 821
Football: Sara to lead an exodus from Dens. 307
Football: Strachan's set for big pay-off. 195
Football: THE FUTURE'S BRIGHT (Just don't mention the word Orange..); Faddy insists Scots will bounce back and reach Germany World Cup finals. 852
Football: We'll double Hibees gate. 287
Football: Well to fight debt ruling. 112
Football: What have I walked into now? Fab; DUNDEE CRISIS. 835
Football: WORST 24 HOURS OF MY LIFE; Wilkie and mate Rae learn Dundee jobs on line ... then suffer that stuffing in Amsterdam. 817
Fuels of the motoring world. 144
Gina gets a red card. 96
Glass ban to combat violence. 92
Golf: Dream team can't save yanks. 416
GP's jab blunder puts kids at risk. 197
GP's jab blunder scare. 105
Hands-on way to beat birth pain. 81
HELP SAVE MY WEE FIGHTER; Mum's heart transplant plea. 392
Hidden danger. 92
How I went from passenger seat snoozer to Lap dancer; LIZ GALLACHER fast tracks her driving skills in a bid for the Racy Ladies trophy at Knockhill. 570
I thought it was an earthquake ..then I saw the blood and bodies; 27 killed and 450 injured as British targets are bombed. 949
I thought it was an earthquake ..then I saw the blood and bodies; 27 killed and 450 injured as British targets are bombed. 898
I'll beat cancer vows Denis; Soccer great keeps smiling through illness. 746
JACKO IN CUFFS; Star surrenders to cops on child abuse charges. 83
JACKO IN CUFFS; Star surrenders to cops on child abuse charges. 81
JACKO; He jets into airport to give himself up to child sex cops. 426
JACKOO SURRENDERS; He jets into airport to give himself up. 690
Jay Kay's drive for life; This is one rock star whose cars never end up in swimming pools. 1102
Jeep whiz; Roadtest: Chrysler Jeep Cherokee - The new Cherokee has better road manners but it's still ready to do battle in the wild, writes BILL CAVEN. 575
Jim McLean: Rout in Holland proves lack of cash has killed our game both at league and national level. 1020
Joan Burnie: WE'VE BEEN DONEUP LIKE K.I.P.P.E.R.S.; .. by the Royal Kids in Parents' Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings OURS. 1125
Johnny handsome; Hollywood star Depp is voted sexiest man alive. 356
Just Joan: Do I tell kids I smoke dope? 1325
Keeping tabs on youngsters. 154
Knight on the town. 91
LET'S RAISE A TIDY SUMO; CHILDREN IN NEED GRAPPLE - Sports presenter Dougie takes on newsman David. 239
MG force; Roadtest: MG ZT. 609
MINGIN' ROOMS; Del Boy's lounge tops list of telly's tasteless settings. 432
Money: DOTCOM'S FOX QUITS; Glam face of hi-tech firm steps down. 218
MURDER OF AA PERFECT GENT; Our man in Istanbul killed on his last posting. 735
Number's up for love. 91
Ozzy waxes lyrical at Tussaud's. 82
Paedophile case star works with Jackson. 188
Pick of the box; TERRESTRIAL PICK OF THE DAY. 510
POLICE BACK DEALER MERCY; Judge is praised. 266
pounds 12m to fight wintercrisis; NHS cash injection. 264
pounds 140k IS COST OF REARING A CHILD; Average home cheaper. 209
pounds 200k for hidden Turner. 114
Pumpkin and pie fit for a president. 121
Pumpkin and pie fit for a president. 123
Racing: HENRIETTA'S TOUGH GUY; Never say die Edredon. 485
READY STEADY .. DON'T COOK; We are a nation of microwave fans. 319
Record View: Cool in a crisis. 166
Record View: Cool in crisis. 176
Record View: Rant deserves jeer not cheer. 223
Revenge attack on bus thug. 93
ROSIE CHEEK; She challenges MSP to step outside parly. 286
Rugby Union: Wright refuses to show any mercy. 151
Rugby World Cup 2003: ALL BLACK IN OLD ROUTINE. 355
Rugby World Cup 2003: Aussies give pin-up Jonny voodoo needle. 257
Rugby World Cup 2003: Betting. 93
Rugby World Cup 2003: England get a second boost. 273
Salih's brutal splinter group. 137
Scenter of power; Roadtest: Mitsubishi Outlander. 489
SCHOOL LESSONS SAVE FIRE FAMILY; Boy, 10, to the rescue. 593
SCHOOL LESSONS SAVE FIRE FAMILY; Boy, 10, to the rescue. 358
SCHOOL ROCKED BY SUICIDE No 3; Rector's daughter dead. 352
SEXY in the CITY; Roadtest: MG City Rover - MG Rover's new city compact has just what it takes to become a permanent feature on our streets, says BILL CAVEN. 456
Small cells taking on the world. 129
Smart movers; Roadtest: smart - If you want something stylish that's a little nippy in the city here it is, writes BILL CAVEN. 387
Snooker: ALAN CUE-DINI. 406
Sports hotline; TARTAN ARMY SPECIAL. 727
STAN AND DELIVER!; Petrov's pal drives 80 miles to feed Celt. 286
The Razz: Albums. 129
The Razz: AMPED 2 HHHII PS2; Games review. 185
The Razz: ANT & DEC'S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY HHHII 12; Video and DVD Reviews. 94
The Razz: BEX'S A POP BITCH; Ian Van Dahl star blasts Groovejet babe Sophie. 350
The Razz: Box Office; Movie reviews We rate the movies that are on at the cinema this week. 416
The Razz: CALL OF DUTY HHHII PC; Games review. 169
The Razz: Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead, The Arches, Glasgow, November 18; Live reviews. 239
The Razz: Clank outsider; Games review Sequel that feels all too familiar RATCHET &CLANK 2: Locked and Loaded HHHII PS2. 377
The Razz: Clubbing news. 193
The Razz: Coming & albums; Singles and albums. 147
The Razz: Coral tinted class; Live reviews A salute to their one-off view of the world. 205
The Razz: David Bowie. 276
The Razz: Don't bother with..; Singles and albums. 103
The Razz: Don't bother with..; Singles and albums. 81
The Razz: Ewan McGregor. 153
The Razz: Fallen angels; Video and DVD Reviews CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE HHIII 12 The acting is bad, the script is dreadful and even the superstar cast look bored. 317
The Razz: IT'S ONLY OK, ACTUALLY; Movie reviews A heartwarming tale riddled with Curtis clichAs LOVE ACTUALLY HHHII 15. 1077
The Razz: Jay Farrar, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, November 14; Live reviews. 224
The Razz: Jenny's flushed with the success of being stuck in the middle; COMEDY REVIEW BRUNTON THEATRE, MUSSELBURGH JENNY ECLAIR HHHHP. 294
The Razz: Mac the knife; Scottish Sopranos where the so-called tough guy thinks a Magnum 45 is an ice cream. 892
The Razz: Making a killing out of the death penalty; Movie reviews AILEEN: LIFE AND DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER HHHII 15. 365
The Razz: Meat Loaf cancels his Glasgow gig. 228
The Razz: Movie Q and A ... with Hugh Grant; Movie reviews. 276
The Razz: Must be scene; Movie reviews. 101
The Razz: Nazi drama hits the high notes; Movie reviews TAKING SIDES 15 HHHII. 243
The Razz: No lip service. 86
The Razz: PIERS TOWNLEY'S Tech heads. 270
The Razz: Pitt has lots to Crowe about. 99
The Razz: Sander's smooth move into house; Sander Kleinenberg. 402
The Razz: SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS E HHHII; Video and DVD Reviews. 165
The Razz: Single of the week Girls Aloud Jump (For My Love) HHHHH; Singles and albums. 108
The Razz: Singles and albums. 847
The Razz: Sneddon, we're coming for you; The exclusive big razz interview - Busted want David to write songs for them. 1369
The Razz: Soundcheck; Live reviews. 403
The Razz: Star quality; You can always rely on celebs to do something daft and once again this week has been no exception... 330
The Razz: Stellastarr*, The Venue, Edinburgh, November 16; Live reviews. 242
The Razz: The Fence Collective, The Art Bar, Dundee, November 16; Live reviews. 296
The Razz: Who's the mummy Love? 132
The Razz: Why I love CD pirates. 604
The Razz: Win tickets to Travis. 178
THE SMOTHER IN L LAW; They know it all, or think they do.. but does the motherin-law really deserve to be the butt of jokes? After TV's Take My Mother In Law, where they are put in charge of their married children's homes, we put two Scots couples to the test. MARIA CROCE found out how they coped when their mum-in-law moved in for a day. 1224
THE SOHAM MURDER TRIAL: Football shirts `found in bin'. 130
THE SOHAM MURDER TRIAL: Huntley `named former janitor'. 140
THE SOHAM MURDER TRIAL: They WERE lovely kids; Court told Carr used past tense about girls on TV. 566
THE WEIRDO HAS LANDED; Bizarre scenes as Jackson's plane parks in a hangar so star can surrender in secret. 1114
THE WEIRDO HAS LANDED; Bizarre scenes as Jackson's plane parks in a hangar so star can surrender in secret. 1111
THE WEIRDO HAS LANDED; plane parks in a hangar so he can surrender in secret Bizarre scenes as Jackson's. 894
THIS IS WAR ON BRITAIN; 27 dead, 450 injured as bombers hit our consulate. 963
Tourist tells of explosion terror. 283
Tread with care say AA. 83
Tributes to fallen cause upset to families. 249
UNDERCOVER KIDS; Teenagers hit stores that sell booze to under-age drinkers. 753
Voice of Scotland: Changing lanes. 95
Voice of Scotland: Counting the Vogts. 82
Voice of Scotland: Gone separate ways. 81
Voice of Scotland: HELP. 216
Voice of Scotland: NHS makes me sick. 105
Voice of Scotland: Pensions a waste. 136
Voice of Scotland: US is not evil empire. 89
Voice of Scotland: WE MUST BE NEUTRAL. 163
War on Britain: Consulate girl tells of terror. 275
War on Britain: Work of brutal splinter group. 137
We'll double Hibees gate. 282
WEWILL NOT FLINCH; BLAIR We stand firm until this job is done, done in Iraq, done elsewhere in the world BUSH Terrorists hope to demoralise free nations. They're not going to succeed. 662
Wheels within wheels: Touareg torqued up for extra grunt. 366
Work help for asylum seekers. 239
Work of a al-Qaeda splinter. 117
Workers saw first explosion on TV. 269

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