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Daikin patents powder coating.

U.S. 8,552,115 B2

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has been granted a patent for a powder coating composition, which contains a macromolecule compound (A) having amide group and/or imide group, an anti-oxidizing material (B) and a fluororesin (C), wherein the macro-molecule compound (A) has an average particle size of 45 [micro]m or less, wherein the macromolecule. compound (A) is at least one compound selected from the group consisting of a polyamideimide, a poly-amide, a polyamide acid and a polyimide, wherein the anti-oxidizing material (B) is at least one compound selected from the group consisting of a polyarylene sulfide, an amine compound, a benzotriazole-based compound, a benzothiazole-based compound, a sulfenamide compound, and a thiourea compound, wherein the fluororesin (C) is a perfluororesin.

BASF Patents Rheology Modifiers

U.S. 8,552,132 B2

BASF has obtained a patent for a rheology modifier, which is a water-soluble polymer having a weight average molecular weight (Mw) of at least 1,000,000 g/ mol and an intrinsic viscosity of at least 2.5 dl/g, both as determined by size exclusion chromatography, and wherein the water-soluble polymer is in the form of solid particles, wherein the solid particles are beads having a diameter from 100 [micro]m to 400 [micro]m.

PPG Patents Multi-Layer Aircraft Adhesive

U.S. 8,551,620 B2

PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. has received a patent for a multi-layer aircraft adhesive composition comprised of (a) a first layer prepared from a first composition comprised of a Part A and a Part B, wherein Part A is comprised of a plasticizer, a crosslinking agent, and an adhesion promoter, wherein Part B is comprised of a moisture resister and an abrasion resister, and wherein the first layer is substantially sulfide free; and (b) a second layer directly or indirectly formed over at least a portion of the first layer, the second layer prepared from a second composition comprised of a Part C and a Part D, wherein Part C is comprised of: (i) at least one polythiol functional polymer, (ii) at least one epoxy resin, (iii) at least one sulfur containing material that is different from the at least one polythiol functional polymer, (iv) at least one plasticizer, and (v) at least one filler, wherein Part D is comprised of: (i) at least one plasticizer, (ii) at least one of manganese dioxide or lead oxide, and (iii) at least one alkaline agent.

CCP Composites Patents Polyester Acrylic Resin

U.S. 8,546,486 B2

CCP Composites US LLC has been granted a patent for a thermosetting, crosslinkable resin composition suitable for preparing a gel coat, the composition is comprised of: a polyester acrylic polymer having an average of more than two polymerizable carbon-carbon double bonds in each molecule, the carbon-carbon double bonds in the polyester acrylic polymer being from a reaction product of a saturated polyacid half-ester having an average acid functionality of two or more and an unsaturated epoxide monomer in about chemically equivalent amounts to furnish one epoxy group per carboxyl group, the saturated polyacid half-ester being the reaction product of one or more polyols having an average of at least two hydroxy! groups in the molecule with one or more saturated polycarboxylic acids or acid anhydrides; the polyester acrylic polymer containing less than 10 weight percent aromatic content and having a number average molecular weight of 560-2500 and a viscosity less than 1500 cps at 70 weight percent NVM solids dispersed in 30 weight percent styrene based on the total weight of the polymer and the styrene; the polyester acrylic polymer blended with a polymerizable vinyl monomer.

Infrared Reflecting Black Pigment

U.S. 8,546,475 B2

Toda Kogyo Corporation has obtained a patent for an infrared reflecting black pigment comprised of a compound comprised of, in mol percent, based on all of the metal elements in the black pigment 15%-90% Fe, 5%-45% Mn and at least one element selected from the group consisting of Mg, Al, Ca, Si, Sr and Ba, each, when present, in an amount of 5%-65% and provided that the compound is devoid of Cr and Co, which infrared reflecting black pigment has a blackness (L* value) of not more than 30 and a solar radiation reflectance of not less than 15%.

Henkel Patents Waterborne Adhesive

U.S. 8,546,471 B2

Henkel has received a patent for a waterborne adhesive comprised of 1 to 50 weight percent of a (meth)acrylate copolymer the copolymer having an acid number from 0 to 150 mgKOH/g, 2 to 30 weight percent of natural polymers, selected from the group consisting of starch, dextrin, cellulose, and proteins, 0.5 to 30 weight percent of urea, 0.1 to 20 weight percent of additives, characterized in that the adhesive contains 0.05 to 20 weight percent of a water swellable polymer.

Electroconductive Carbon Fibril-Based Coatings

US 8,545,730 B2

Hyperion Catalysis International, Inc. has been granted a patent for an electro-conductive coating comprised of carbon nanotubes; and a liquid vehicle; wherein the electroconductive coating has a viscosity from 1-50,000 cps and a thixo-tropic index value from 1.0-10.
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