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Dahlias and berries.

A handful of seasonal blooms--magenta dahlias, rusty orange calendulas, and rosy viburnum berries--celebrate the fall harvest. All are in bloom now in home gardens and at farmers' markets and flower shops. Using tiffs arrangement's form as a guide, you can experiment with other berries and blossoms, such as pink or cream dahlias with hypericum berries. 1 Prep the flowers by removing all the foliage and using pruners to recut the stems on a slant (use the vase height as a rough measure of the length you need). 2 Remove all but the smallest leaves on the viburnum branches, exposing the berries underneath, and position the branches at the outer edge of the vase. 3 Add dahlias and calendulas one by one, adjusting their height with the pruners to achieve a pleasing balance. Turn the vase regularly as you work to make sure the arrangement looks great from all angles.--(

5 to 8 stems dahlias
5 to 8 stems
8- to 12-inch vase
 with a narrow
3 to 5 branches
 viburnum berries
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Title Annotation:Seasonal Arrangement
Author:Chezar, Ariella
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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