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NLU Results Shouldn't Be Proprietary: A common format for natural language tools would make everyone's life easier. Mar 22, 2019 786
Integrating TTS in Web Browsers Is Harder Than It Sounds: Text-to-speech for webpages has to tackle modern English's dizzying complexity. Sep 22, 2018 768
The Right Standard Makes Developers' Jobs a Lot Easier: You'll never know whether a standard's a good fit if you don't try it out. Mar 22, 2018 743
Deep Learning, Big Data, and Clear Standards: for natural language tools to take on greater complexity, they'll need consistent, agreed-upon data annotations. Nov 26, 2017 815
4 Speech technology standards that need to happen ASAP: with new technologies appearing all the time, standards must keep pace. Jun 22, 2017 754
EMMA 2.0 lets applications decide what to tell you--and how: information can be graphical or spoken, depending on context. Jun 22, 2016 753
The AVIOS student contest salutes tomorrow's speech talent: in its 10th year, the competition yields apps for everyday use. Mar 22, 2016 740
Let's get Siri, Cortana, and Alexa to work together: a new W3C community group is exploring ways to make virtual assistant platforms interoperable. Jan 1, 2016 734
Remembering Scott McGlashan: May 4, 1963-February 12, 2014. Jun 22, 2014 753
Media standards for the web: WebRTC and WebAudio: WebRTC and WebAudio add speed and simplicity. Jan 1, 2014 731
Talking to the world: speech applications don't exist in a vacuum. Report Jun 22, 2013 739
Emma success leads to new challenges: GPS, data analysis top innovations list. Jan 1, 2013 771
Discovering multimodal components: wider use of apps offers broad potential. Sep 1, 2012 779
New directions in natural language understanding: Watson and Siri are only the beginning. Jul 1, 2012 763
Enter EMMA 1.1: getting more out of multimodal inputs. May 1, 2012 746
Speaking to web pages: new speech integration ideas show promise for 2012. Jan 1, 2012 817
Natural language processing and machine translation. Jan 1, 2011 325
W3C launches HTML Speech Incubator Group: ultimate goal is to develop tools to better integrate speech with the Web. Jan 1, 2011 690
Accessibility in voice and multimodal applications: multimodal interfaces can make or break the user experience. May 1, 2010 763
Enterprise solutions. Jan 1, 2010 682
Updating the standard for spoken dialogues: VoiceXML 3.0 should be out by the end of this year. Interview Jan 1, 2010 732
Standards in the voice user interface: why we need them, and where we can get them. Oct 1, 2009 764
Standards make the world smaller: as standards advance, things just work together better. Jul 1, 2009 716
Controlling speech and multimodal applications: SCXML lets users travel through many states without leaving the phone. Interview May 1, 2009 757
Opening the world of multimodality: standards can help bring more applications to bear. Oct 1, 2008 732
A framework for multimodal apps: W3C drafts the standard in multimodal architectures. Jul 1, 2008 775
Introducing EMMA: the new standard for representing what the user said. Mar 1, 2008 713

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