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Garden state of bliss: while awaiting a decision on same-sex marriage from its highest court, New Jersey passes a landmark statewide domestic-partnership law. Brief Article Feb 17, 2004 295
Censoring history: the National Park Service has reportedly reversed a decision to edit gay images out of a Lincoln Memorial video. But history may still be altered. Feb 3, 2004 377
Wake up and smell the coffee! Brief Article Feb 3, 2004 306
Hit list on the Hill: insiders say a Capitol Hill "hit list" of controversial AIDS and sexuality researchers was circulated by mistake, but scientists actually on the list say it's further evidence that Congress is taking political potshots at their work. Dec 23, 2003 1125
Waiting at the altar: if the excitement of the Massachusetts marriage ruling didn't leave you light-headed, waiting another 138 days (from the date of this magazine might. Dec 23, 2003 1796
An education in contrast. Brief Article Oct 14, 2003 157
Safe but unequal? Sep 16, 2003 127
Trouble for Philadelphia Scouts. Brief Article Jul 22, 2003 175
The fight for the tiara: Donald Trump, who owns the Miss Universe pageant, stands in the way of a new drag pageant, Miss Gay Universe. Jul 22, 2003 994
New York City bites the budget bullet. (Aids). Jun 24, 2003 151
Marriage on his mind: longtime crusader Evan Wolfson sets out to win same-sex marriage rights within five years. (Pride 2003). Jun 24, 2003 1393
The real gay mafia. (Crime). Jun 10, 2003 176
Meet the parents: Santorum said a mouthful about gay people, but he was tongue-tied when he came face-to-face with their families. (Politics). Jun 10, 2003 492
Silence, then violence: one day after taking part in the national Day of Silence, a 16-year-old is herself the victim of an apparent antigay attack. (People). Interview May 27, 2003 685
"I object": openly gay marine Stephen Funk comes out as the war's first conscientious objector. (Military). May 13, 2003 664
Buried alive in Egypt: Egyptian gay men are still being entrapped and jailed by the hundreds. One imprisoned man and his American partner tell their story. (World). May 13, 2003 1309
Counting on charitable gifts: make sure the nonprofits you give to are doing the work you want them to. (Finance). Apr 15, 2003 756
A federal nod to gay partners: will Peggy Neff's award from the federal Victim Compensation Fund help all same-sex couples win more legal recognition? (September 11). Biography Mar 4, 2003 408
What makes a hotel gay-friendly? Gay travel experts are seeking to set standards for how welcoming hotels really are. (Gay Travel). Mar 4, 2003 1246
Do draft, do tell: sociologist Charles Moskos, architect of "don't ask, don't tell," says the policy should be abandoned if the draft is reinstated. (Behind the Headlines). Feb 18, 2003 650
All in the family: Rosie's gay brother, Daniel, is making a name for himself in New York State politics. (Rosie O'Donnell). Jan 21, 2003 501
Leading Providence: David Cicilline becomes the first openly gay mayor of a U.S. state capital. (Politics). Dec 24, 2002 966
Birth of AIDS activism January 1982: Larry Kramer was among the first to make on the growing health crisis. (Rebels & Pioneers). Nov 12, 2002 338
Transgender breakthrough: people in the United States have a surprising understanding and acceptance of transgendered lives, a major new survey shows. (People). Oct 15, 2002 1303
September 11 one year later: gays and straights come together to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks. (At Issue). Sep 17, 2002 310
September 11: are all survivors equal? One year after the terrorist attacks, new laws have broadened the definition of legal partnership--but the laws might not be broad enough to help all September 11 survivors. Sep 17, 2002 1710
An instant family: a Kentucky gay couple sets out to raise quadruplets, knowing the state recognizes only one of them as the father. (Parenting). Sep 3, 2002 373
Committed to equality: why is Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Robert Reich the only pro-gay politician to officially support gay marriage? (Marriage). Brief Article Jul 23, 2002 367
The dangerous lives of gay priests: fearing a witch-hunt in the wake of the sex abuse scandal, gay Roman Catholic priests talk of their dedication to their work and their God--and of the secret loves that put their careers at risk. (Cover Story). Jul 23, 2002 4254
Forgotten in Guatemala City: when U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl was killed in Pakistan, the world united in outrage. But when gay reporter Larry Lee was murdered in Central America, local officials treated it as a case of "another undesirable off the streets". (Crime). Jun 11, 2002 2152
Black and proud. (Race). Brief Article May 14, 2002 230
Out and still on duty: a member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M comes out without ruining "unit cohesion," so why can't he serve in the military? (Military). Apr 2, 2002 1355
Gays vs. the transgendered: New York activists go head-to-head over an antidiscrimination bill. (Politics). Brief Article Mar 19, 2002 352
Fighting words. (People). Brief Article Mar 5, 2002 200
Olympic-size closet: where are all the out lesbian and gay athletes at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City? (Winter Games). Brief Article Feb 19, 2002 310
Larry gets a liver--but who's next? Author-activist Larry Kramer's high-profile liver transplant could help other HIV patients win access to expanded treatment. (Health). Brief Article Feb 5, 2002 617
More fallout from the war: some Muslim allies of the United States may take this opportunity to crack down on gay men and lesbians in their countries. (World). Cover Story Nov 20, 2001 1015
Sidelined survivors? Already grief-stricken, same-sex partners of terrorist attack victims may have to fight for equal benefits. (Terrorism Aftermath). Brief Article Nov 6, 2001 339
Sweet smell of sicks-cess: with tight harmonies, tough politics, and a new show at New York's Studio 54, the Kinsey Sicks have arrived. (performance). Brief Article Nov 6, 2001 657
Our Heroes. Oct 23, 2001 6419
Breaking up is hard to do. Sep 11, 2001 1870
Bertrand Delanoe. Brief Article Aug 14, 2001 181
Pride at work. Brief Article Jun 19, 2001 891
Making AIDS easy on the eyes. Brief Article Jun 5, 2001 207
Dotcom distress. Apr 24, 2001 1518
Mary Cheney speaks. Brief Article Feb 27, 2001 344
Iowa governor ruled out of bounds. Brief Article Jan 30, 2001 127
The long road back. Brief Article Jan 16, 2001 870
Debating romance. Jan 16, 2001 1192
In the service of justice. Brief Article Dec 19, 2000 737
Drake's return. Brief Article Nov 21, 2000 199
Vermonters profit from equality. Brief Article Nov 21, 2000 641
BANKING ON A WINNER. Nov 7, 2000 1464
Losing that loving feeling. Oct 24, 2000 1619
Genetics vs. love. Oct 10, 2000 1589
THE URGE TO KILL. Sep 12, 2000 1633
The hilarity zone. Theater Review Sep 12, 2000 659
BRIDGING THE GAPS IN ACTIVISM. Brief Article Aug 15, 2000 1082
GOP's trans candidate. Brief Article Jul 18, 2000 234
It pays to love women. Brief Article Jul 4, 2000 442
State of the Unions. May 23, 2000 2631
Small business, big trouble. Apr 25, 2000 1545
For better or for worse. Brief Article Mar 28, 2000 1006
Homosexual panicking. Jun 22, 1999 1044
WHOSE MOVEMENT IS IT? May 25, 1999 2399
Making love legal. Brief Article Jan 19, 1999 750
Heaven's scapegoat. May 13, 1997 787

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