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Daghestani acrobatics group charm audiences with splendid show.

YALOVA (CyHAN)- Molodost Dagestan Lezginka Folk Dance and Acrobatics Group which is accepted one of the famous dance groups in the world held breathtaking performance in western Turkish city of Yalova on Tuesday.

Within the context of the Yalova ynternational Caucasian Festival, group took stage at KE-ltE-rpark open Air Theater with their famous Imam Shamil (Sheikh Shamil) performance portraying the legendary life of Shamil whose life can be shown one of the magnificent example in struggle against Tsarist Russia which invaded many part of Caucasia including Shamil's home country of Checnia. Performance took tremendous applause from the audience.

When the dancers started performing Imam Shamil composition telling the story his struggles against Tsarist Russia created emotional atmosphere between the audiences.

YaE-ar Basri DE[micro]nder, Bursa Dagestan Culture and Solidarity Foundation Chairman stated that they were striving for keep our culture alive and transfer the Caucasian culture to the next generations. DE[micro]nder also added that Dagestan which known as The Country of Mountains and Languages where about 14 different languages are spoken. "We aimed at to bring together the famous dance group with our audiences and they showed several amazing performance with 60 dancers," noted also DE[micro]nder.

Imam Shamil was an Avar political and religious leader of the Muslim tribes of the Northern Caucasus. He was a leader of anti-Russian resistance in the Caucasian War and was the third Imam of the Caucasian Imamate (1834--1859).

Imam Shamil was born in 1797, in the small village (aul) of Gimry, which is in current-day Dagestan, Russia. He was originally named Ali, but following local tradition, his name was changed when he became ill. His father, Dengau, was a free landlord, and this position allowed Shamil and his close friend Ghazi Mollah to study many subjects including Arabic and logic. Shamil established himself as a well-respected and educated man of Quran and Sunnah among other Muslims of the Caucasus.

Shamil was born at a time when the Russian Empire was expanding into the territories of the Ottoman Empire and Persia (see Russo-Persian War (1804-1813) and Russo-Turkish War (1806--1812)). Following the Russian invasion, many Caucasian nations united in resistance to harsh Tsarist rule in what became known as the Caucasian War. Some of the earlier leaders of Caucasian resistance were Sheikh Mansur and Ghazi Mollah. Shamil was actually childhood friends with the Mollah, and would become his disciple and counsellor.

Shamil's favorite wife, Anna Ulykhanova, was an ethnic Armenian Christian from Mozdok who had been abducted as a teenager by Muslim rebels in the early 1840s. During her captivity, she converted to Islam and adopted the name "Shuanet," remaining loyal to Shamil even after his capture and exile to Russia. After Shamil's death in 1871, she moved to the Ottoman Empire where she was assigned a pension from the sultan.


Wednesday, September 03, 2014 SOURCE CyHAN

-Group take stages

-Group performing their dance shows

-Drum show of child dancers


-Explanation of YaE-ar Basri DE[micro]nder, Bursa Dagestan Culture and Solidarity Foundation Chairman



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Date:Sep 3, 2014
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