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Daetwyler system recovers solvents.

Max Daetwyler Corporation, of Huntersville, NC, USA, is introducing the newly designed RotoMAX solvent recovery system. The RotoMAX is available in six sizes, with an output from 10 to 300 gallons per hour, depending on the solvent type and system size.

RotoMAX systems feature self-contained distillation units of explosion proof construction for distillation of contaminated flammable and nonflammable solvents. Solids contamination can be as high as 70 percent. It can also safely process nitrocellulose contaminated products.

The new RotoMAX offers several new features, including:

* When sludge reaches a preset concentration it will automatically drop the sludge into a sludge tank.

* RotoMAX can run completely unattended for several days due to its state of the art load cell technology.

* The units feature a slow rotating maintenance-free scraper system, which continuously cleans the heat transfer surface of the heating jacket.

* The system can be installed in a non-explosion proof environment as it is hermetically sealed.

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Date:May 1, 2007
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