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Dadex Eternit Limited.

The Company was established in 1959 as a Public Limited Company and commenced its operations from Hyderabad Sindh where a factory was taken over from PIDC. With the passage of time, the facilities of the company were enlarged to meet the growing needs. Another factory was put up at Karachi in 1966 which has now become a centre of multifarious production activities. The company believes that the real strength lies in customers's satisfaction which can only be achieved by providing quality products in accordance with customer's exact needs with an efficient system of customer support.

The company is fully equipped with state of art machinery which is deployed to produce quality products based on latest technology and with the support of trained human resources.

Vision: Recently the company has set new standards of excellence which have been translated into a renewed vision which is: "To be the most valued company for all stakeholders renowned for customer focus, innovation, quality, reliability and ethical practices".

The five core values, CUSTOMER FOCUS, INNOVATION, QUALITY, RELIABILITY and ETHICAL PRACTICES, defined in the vision are the foundation on which the company aspires to grow in the times to come.

Customer Focus and Services: At DADEX, customer is the centre of all our activities. Customer focus, in general and particularly in our industry, is all about providing immaculate service to customers. The Customer services department at DADEX provides services to all customers prior to sales, during sales and after sales. Training to fixers, plumbers, carpenters and operators is arranged on regular basis, in-house and on site. Facilities of technical support at site are available. Special tools for the installation of company's products are also provided to customers. Technical assistance is also provided for selection of appropriate products, designing, laying and testing.


Plastics: PVC Pipe Systems for Water Supply, Dadex uPVC Pipe Systems for Conduiting, Nikasi uPVC Building Pipe System, Polyethylene (PE) Pipe Systems for Potable Water Distribution, Cable Ducting, Effluent Drainage & Natural Gas Distribution, Polydex Premier Hot & Cold Water System.

Fibre Cement: Pressure Pipes, Sewerage Pipes, Building Pipes, Corrugated Sheets, Nalidar Beams, Decorative Sheets.

Rubber: Rubber Rings for Pipes.

Safety, Health & Environment: The Company places tremendous importance towards safety, health of its employees and environment as a whole. The salient features of the company's philosophy on SHE are:

* Safety, Health and Environment is given highest priority while taking business decisions.

* The company maintains and operates its facilities in a manner that protects the environment.

* The company is committed to meet National Environmental Standards (NEQS) as and when enforced by the Government.

* Training is provided to employees and installers to recognize and handle unsafe or environmentally harmful practices.

* Waste Recycling, Dust Control and Monitoring Systems are operative at all our production facilities.
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