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Dad-to-be Williams can still deliver.

ROBBIE Williams proved he's still the daddy with a storming show last night.

Then the singer announced he'd be travelling through the night to be at his pregnant wife Ayda's side.

He told fans: "Tonight I'm travelling on a bus all the way across London to see my wife. I hope she keeps her legs crossed."

Robbie was full of banter during his 1900-capacity gig at Glasgow's Barrowland. SETLIST Phoenix Flames Let Me You Lazy Let Love Energy Karma Old Before Monsoon Rock DJ/Rudebox/The Mandalay Eternity Come She's the Feel Hot Candy Kids Encore Life Through Angels Losers He bounded on stage and burst into Let Me Entertain You.

He said: "This is my last chance to be a pop star for I am nearly 40 now, folks."

But age was no barrier as Robbie ran through a 20-song set including his new single Candy.

The applause and screams were deafening for songs like Old Before I Die, Feel, She's The One and Kids.

And between songs, he said: "If the wife does phone and the little girl is coming do you think I should leave or should I stay. Let me size this up.

From The Entertain Days Be Your I can always have another baby, can't I?" He also managed to do 60 press-ups on stage, explaining: "There's a bit of a press-up competition on at the moment.

Killer I Die rap from Freedom Road To Undone One "Olly Murs did 41 press-ups on stage and Usher did 51. I think it's time for the old man to prove himself."

Fudge A Lens A random rendition of Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline to please a bored looking man in the audience got the crowd singing along but the arms were in full swinging motion for Angels.

Robbie was beaming as he took a final bow.

SETLIST Phoenix From The Flames Let Me Entertain You Lazy Days Let Love Be Your Energy Karma Killer Old Before I Die Monsoon Rock DJ/rap from Rudebox/Freedom The Road To Mandalay Eternity Come Undone She's the One Feel Hot Fudge Candy Kids Encore Life Through A Lens Angels Losers


JUMP TO IT J Robbie leaps into action at the Barrowland
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 13, 2012

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