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Dad fights bear.

Johan Otter and his 18-year-old daughter, Jenna, from Escondido, California, went hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana on August 25, hoping to see some of the park's wildlife. But an encounter with a very large grizzly bear gave them a better view of the wildlife than they wanted.

The large grizzly was the mother of two cubs, and she was ready to aggressively protect her young. She immediately attacked; however, Mr. Otter was equally protective of his offspring and he unhesitatingly risked his own life to save his daughter's.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer told his story: "The mother bear surged straight for the man. Her teeth sank into his right thigh, and her long claws raked his face, shattering his right eye socket."

As the attack commenced, his one thought was to keep the bear focused on him and away from his daughter. He tried to draw the bear away from his daughter by throwing himself down a 30-foot embankment. The bear followed and "landed on his back." In vain, Mr. Otter tried to get a rock or his bear spray to fight back. He briefly thought he would die when he felt one of the bear's fangs go into his head, and he could hear his skull crack. But then the bear let go.

The bear briefly mauled Jenna, biting her face and shoulder before departing. Jenna's injuries were minor. Her father's wounds were more serious: he received a fractured eye socket, broken ribs, a fractured vertebrae, and severe scalp wounds from the bear's fangs that came close to reaching his brain.

Being active hikers, both generations of Otters are in excellent physical condition, which helped them survive their experience.
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Date:Oct 17, 2005
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