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Dad's head to head on school hair ban; Boy's Beckham style haircut causes conflict.

Byline: Alan Weston

A SCHOOLBOY who was banned from school because his braided haircut was considered unsuitable has found a new ally in his fight to be re-admitted-- England captain DavidBeckham.

The football idol unveiled his new hair style one week after Kenny Jamieson had his hair done the same way. Last night the schoolboy's father Don said: ``If it's good enough for Beckham, then it's good enough for my son.''

Kenny, 14, turned up for class at SavioRC High School,in Bootle,after having his hair styled like the British R `n' B singer Craig David.

But the school sent the teenager home warning he could not return until he unbraided his hair as it breached the school's dress code.

Mr Jamieson, a former publican,of Worcester Road,Bootle,criticised the school for damaging his son's education by being `` sexist'' ands aid he was taking legaladvice.

He said: ``The school's stupidity is damaging my son's education. Girls in his school have their hair braided and nothing is said to them.

``I have never had to go to school about Kenny before. His hair is neat and he is proud of how it looks and wants to keep it like that. ``Anyone would think he had coloured his hair and hadamohican.

``The school says that rules are rules,but wearenot having it.''

Kenny said: ``I've done nothing wrong, I think it's a good hairstyle. One of the teachers even said they liked my hair.

``I just want to go to school with my hair as it is.''

Both Kenny and his father are fanaticalLiverpool fans. ``Kenny had his hair done a week before Beckham,but if it had happened the other way around then I'd have shaved it off myself,'' added Mr Jamieson.

``He's named after Kenny Dalglish, and even though everyone's now joking that `Beckham's got aKenny,' he's going to keep it.''

Mr Jamieson was told Kenny could still sit his exams this week,but only if he took them separately from the other pupils.

But the Equal Opportunities Commission has warned the school could be in breach of the Sex Discrimination Act.

A spokeswoman said: ``With this kind of case the school would have to argue that it has got equally strict rules for boys and girls.

``The school should be aware that the law on these issues changes with time. ``Perhaps 20 years ago it was quite acceptable for schools to say that pupils must have short back and sides,but times change.''

Headteacher Father Mageean said: ``The school does not make public comment on matters concerning the welfare of individual pupils.

``There a reclear procedures for the resolution of any problems between home and school arising from the interpretation of school rules which Mr Jamieson is welcome to follow.''


HAIR TODAY: Kenny Jamieson,14,has been banned from school because of his braided hair but soccer superstar David Beckham has followed suit. The boy's father said: `Everyoneis saying `Beckham's got a Kenny'.''; CONTRAST: Kenny's namesake Dalglish and his pop hero Craig
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 19, 2003
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