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Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

P.O. Box 470175

Tulsa, OK 74147

Phone: 918-258-9386




Year Founded: 1961

Number of Employees: 250+

Number of Facilities: 5--Valencia, CA, Broken Arrow, OK Corporate, Owasso, OK--

LIM, Massachusetts--Plastics, Singapore

Certification: ISO 9001:2008



Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision molded rubber, plastic, and TPE. Da/Pro Rubber has been providing rubber molded parts to international markets for over 40 years with a regional sales force in the US and sales representatives located in Europe, Germany and Singapore. Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. strives to provide world-class quality and service in all facets of our operations and is committed to continuous improvement and innovation in quality, service and elastomer molding. Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. offers value to our customers by providing excellent quality products at competitive prices. We do this by continually improving our processes for molding, compound development and design, quality control standards and procedures, and sales and service. Whatever you create, we have the capability, knowledge and experience to be your molding partner.


* Medical Device Component Manufacturing

* Dental Device Component Manufacturing

* Aerospace Industry

* Industrial Manufacturing

* Electronics Industry

* Electrical Component Manufacturing

* Appliance Manufacturing


From design to delivery, Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers. We provide engineering design recommendations for cost effective, close tolerance part manufacturing, whether you need compression molded rubber, LSR--liquid silicone rubber, or transfer molding or plastic injection molding.


Our staff chemists are available to develop custom organic/synthetic rubber compounds or silicone compounds to satisfy your specific requirements. Compounds are mixed in house and physical properties of the rubber compounds, that are critical to the function of the molded product, are continually monitored in our laboratory.

* Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)

* Compression Molding

* Transfer Molding

* Custom Compounding

* Plastic Injection Molding

* TPE Molding

* Over Molding

* Insert Molding

* Rapid Prototyping

* Hot Stamping

* Sub-Assembly

* Mold Making

* Full Service Quality Assurance

* Class 10,000 Clean Room

Da/Pro offers complete in-house capabilities including prototyping, design moldability assistance, compound development, laboratory testing, mold construction, sub-assembly, hot stamping, over molding, full service quality assurance with 100% inspection and a class 10,000 clean room for molding health care and other precision molded rubber parts requiring special handling.

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