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 EUGENE, Ore., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Dynamix Inc., a leading developer of software for interactive entertainment, today announced the availability of "Front Page Sports: Football Pro," an action-packed simulation for IBM PCs and compatibles -- complete with NFL player names, numbers and statistics (1992-93) -- capturing the fun, excitement and coaching challenges of the real gridiron sport.
 "Games are moving faster than any other software right now," said Andy Patrizio, of the "Software Industry Bulletin." "There is a pent-up demand for this kind of entertainment from consumers who have computers at home for word processing and business applications and want to take advantage of the power of their machines to have some real fun. I believe we're only beginning to tap this 485 million-dollar market," Patrizio said.
 According to Dynamix producer Patrick Cook, "We wanted to top the success of `Front Page Sports: Football' -- one of the best-selling PC sports games of '92 -- with stunning visual improvements, better `football smarts' for ball carriers and tacklers, and an expanded number of play call and game plan options.
 "Official licensing from the National Football League's Players Association gives us the rights to use real NFL player names, numbers and statistics. Seeing the same names in `Football Pro' that you see on your television screen Sunday and Monday nights makes the game even more realistic. We track statistics in over 350 categories, which is more than even any of the annual football magazines publish," said Cook.
 The beauty of "Football Pro" is that every detail of the real game is built into the program. Computer logic with a comprehensive knowledge of football combined with superb graphical realism and helmet- smashing sound effects, transform your computer into a gridiron virtual reality. Players spin, flip, leap, block, tackle and make diving catches. Touchdowns are celebrated with spikes, in-your-face dances and grateful kneeling. Referees motion and call out penalties and even the crowd noise gets louder when the home team advances the ball.
 But unlike watching a real football game, "Football Pro" lets you actually be the coach. Users can design and call plays, control the on- field action and manage teams or entire leagues.
 Designed for Novice Through Sophisticated User
 "Football Pro" is designed with varying levels of difficulty to appeal to the novice through sophisticated user. You decide exactly how much control to take over play-calling, action mode and league management. New users can install the game and begin playing immediately by calling plays such as a "pass-aggressive" and letting the computer control the action. Intermediate users may wish to choose plays from menus with chalkboard-like diagrams, tweak stock coaching profiles included with the game and control one player on the field with the joystick or keyboard. Advanced players might want to design all their own plays, devise new coaching profiles, substitute players during the game based on depth charts and control nearly all of the on-field action. At any level of expertise, team or league management such as college draft, free agent pools, training camp, trading or injured reserve can be controlled by the user or the computer.
 Unique Game Features
 Over 1,000 stock plays are included with "Football Pro" and a play editor with a simple point-and-click interface enables an unlimited number of new plays to be designed. Twenty-four "Coaching Profiles" based on different coaching philosophies are included with the game that give the user strategy hints for calling plays during the game. You can customize a stock coaching profile by determining exactly what you would do in over 2,500 situations per half based on down, yards to go, point differential, field position, time remaining in the half, among many others.
 Playing and viewing the action are possible by means of 10 different camera angles, including both free-floating and overhead cameras, which can be changed on the fly. From the overhead perspective, you can watch the game from either a vertical or horizontal view and zoom in and out of the field. In VCR mode, you click on buttons at the top of the screen to see instant replays in fast or slow motion from any angle.
 The Computer Knows Football
 The computer logic in "Football Pro" has a comprehensive knowledge of football and makes over 3,000 decisions per second of game play. Some examples: In a passing situation on a computer-controlled team, the quarterback will try to hit its top-rated players. If they're covered, it will attempt to slow down the pass rush and nail secondary receivers. If the computer-controlled team is behind in score, it will put a two-minute drive together to get out of bounds and save time-outs. On the defense, the computer actually learns the human-controlled team's play calling tendencies and adjusts the defense accordingly.
 The computer makes decisions throughout the game based on numerous variables including player ratings, weather conditions, the percentage that particular play would be successfully completed and the performance of all the players on the field when play is executed.
 Players are rated individually for speed, strength, agility, hand coordination, acceleration, endurance, intelligence and discipline. Players lose energy during the game, which affects their ratings. (They regain it during half-time or when they are at the sideline.) Players fresh from the college draft have a lower rating than those who have completed training camp.
 System Requirements
 For IBM and compatible computer systems, Football Pro requires a minimum 386 system running at 25Mhz, 2 megs RAM with EMS, 9 megs hard disk space, VGA graphics, DOS 5.0 or above, and a high-density 3.5-inch floppy drive. All major sound cards are supported with digitized speech available on the Soundblaster or compatibles. A mouse and joystick are recommended. "Football Pro" is available from major software retailers, computer superstores or direct from Sierra (800-326-6654). Suggested retail price is $79.95.
 Dynamix Inc.
 Dynamix Inc., located in Eugene, is a division of Sierra On-Line Inc. Founded in 1979, Sierra On-Line is one of the original developers and largest publishers of home computer software for interactive entertainment and education. The company's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol SIER.
 To Request a Copy of "Football Pro"
 To find out more or request a game, contact Sharon Callen or Nancy Stevens at Dynamix Inc., 503-343-0772, extensions 3550 or 3510.
 -0- 9/23/93
 /CONTACT: Sharon Callen or Nancy Stevens, Dynamix, 503-343-0772, ext. 3550 or 3510/ CO: Dynamix Inc.; Sierra On-Line Inc. ST: Oregon IN: CPR SU: PDT

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