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DYCON Productions launches to provide quality LGBTQ entertainment for Kansas City.

KANSAS CITY - Anyone who attended the Girls with Guitars: Acoustic Vibrations show at the Uptown Theater on June 15 witnessed an immediate upward shift in the quality of Kansas City LGBTQ entertainment. The immense talent of local, regional and national musicians that included Jen Foster, Corday, Summer Osborne, and Kristie Stremel was all orchestrated by the new entertainment company DYCON Productions, LLC.

The company is the brainchild of Chynsia Hinesley, who is no stranger to planning events. Currently, Hinesley and partner Marie Hale organize the monthly Girl2Girl events at the Conspiracy Room, held every second Friday. The Girls with Guitars: Acoustic Vibrations show was the first official DYCON event.

So how did it go? "The show was out of this world," Hinesley says. "To quote one of our Facebook posts, we had the 'holy grail of talent' in Kansas City."

Hinesley's goal for the first show was to kick off the company with a great lineup of iconic women performers. "After all, I am calling the company DYCON Productions, which is a combination of the word Dyke and Icon, so I felt I had to start with that in mind."

DYCON Productions is the result of many years of Hinesley traveling the world, partaking in numerous events like London's World Pride and dark dive bars in cities like Stockholm, London, New York and Denver, to name a few. Every time she would return home, she felt a gaping hole in entertainment options--"not only as a woman, but more specifically as a lesbian woman in the Midwest." she says. "That led me to research the questions, 'Where is all the women's entertainment in the Midwest?' and 'Why is it so hard to find out what is going on in my community?'" she says.

Hinesley spent a couple of years researching those questions and developing and justifying a business plan to get the company off the ground. She spent a year at the UMKC Entrepreneurial Scholar Program working on this business project, was selected to enter the 2013 Regnier Venture Creation Challenge competition, and was a Finalist Award Winner with High Distinction. And at the same time, she was planning DYCON's first event, Girls with Guitars: Acoustic Vibrations.

Hinesley says that future DYCON events will depend on the availability of the talent. She wants to bring in performers that the Kansas City community may not have ever heard of, in hopes of increasing their exposure and giving Kansas City quality entertainment in the process.

She says to expect intimate shows--shows where the audience can interact with the performers. "People like to touch and feel and talk to all the performers," she says. "There will be no wall of separation between the performer and the audience whenever possible."

Hinesley has a lot of events in mind for the future both large and small scale. "I want to keep introducing great women entertainers to the Kansas City community and to other cities in the Midwest."

For information on upcoming DYCON events, visit For information on Girl2Girl, visit G2G - Kansas City on Facebook or

By Ciara Reid, staff reporter
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Author:Reid, Ciara
Publication:Liberty Press
Date:Jul 1, 2013
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