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DVD offers massage lesson.

Massage does more than relax tired and overworked muscles. It also increases circulation, decreases stress, improves energy levels, and enhances sleep. Kathy Gruver, a licensed and certified medical massage therapist, had several clients tell her that they wanted to pass the benefits of massage on to family members and friends, but they didn't know how to give an effective massage without wearing themselves out. In her informative, well-organized, and relaxing DVD Therapeutic Massage at Home, Gruver teaches laypersons how to give a massage that eases tension and muscular knots in the back and neck. The DVD also works as a wonderful introduction to massage.

Massage is more than simply rubbing muscles or applying pressure to knots. As Gruver explains, massage uses a variety of different strokes and hand positions on various parts of the back and neck. Both the giver and the receiver need to be comfortable. Since not everyone has a massage table, Gruver demonstrates how the at-home masseur can use good body mechanics with the subject lying on a bed or the floor. Safety is another consideration. Certain parts of the neck, for example, should not be massaged. Also, massage should not be performed over open wounds, inflamed areas, sores, bruises, broken bone, or sites of recent surgery. People with diabetes or high blood pressure need to check with their doctors, because massage can lower blood pressure and blood sugar. Gruver also tells viewers to check with their doctors before being massaged if they are pregnant or have cancer.

Most of this 50-minute DVD demonstrates how to do a relaxing back and neck massage. The quality of the film is excellent; the music relaxing; the visuals clear; and the information concise, practical, and appropriate for a layperson. If you want to bring massage into your life on a regular basis, this DVD is a fine investment at $24.99 plus tax. It can be obtained at or by calling 805-680-1984.

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