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Byline: With DAVID EDWARDS Movies RDS

Total Recall Cert 12, PS19.99, Blu-ray PS24.99 Offering further proof that movieland is running out of ideas - or at least playing it safe - comes in the shape of this goodlooking but redundant remake of the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

Set at the end of this century on an environmentally ravaged Earth, the film stars Colin Farrell as Doug Quaid, a factory worker who opts to try Rekall, a brain implant that gives him memories of things he's never experienced.

Unfortunately the process leads to Doug being thrown into an epic battle he doesn't quite understand, causing him to question who he really is.

The film also stars Kate Beckinsale, Ethan Hawke and Jessica Biel, and sets the action not on Mars but entirely on Earth. But whatever new aspects it brings to the table, it's still a pointless exercise. In short, this movie will leave you with no good memories whatsoever.

THE WATCH Cert 15, PS15.99, Blu-ray PS21.99 A big-name cast - including Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill - are wasted in a would-be comedy, the sum total of whose laughs can be counted on one finger. Following a murder in his store, Stiller's officious supermarket manager sets up a neighbourhood watch group which, during its night-time patrols, uncovers an alien invasion. As bland as you can get.

OFFENDER Cert 15, PS15.99, Blu-ray PS17.99 After Dog Pound and King Of Devil's Island, we're thrown back into Borstal for yet another juvie jail drama more likely to exasperate than entertain.

Cole plays young tough Tommy who's sent to a brutal young offenders' institute.

exasp Joe C Tomm youn It's no foul o throu we le a secr not long before he's fallen of his wing's daddy, but, through a series of flashbacks, learn the new arrival has secret agenda.

SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN Cert 12, PS16.99, Blu-ray PS22.99 American folk singer Sixto Diaz Rodriguez released two albums in the early 1970s, was dumped by his label and was rumoured to have committed suicide onstage. This engrossing documentary charts the efforts of fans, a record-shop owner and a journalist to discover the fate of the artist dubbed Sugar Man, whose songs became anti-Apartheid anthems. It's a fascinating journey.

A FEW BEST MEN Cert 15, PS9.99 This British-Australian co-production feels less like a movie and more a tick-list of cheesy tediously awkward gags. Twilight's Xavier Samuel is lovestruck David who heads from London to Australia to marry the girl he met on holiday. Alas, he brings along his three plonker-ish mates who, thanks to drink, drugs and sheer idiocy proceed to ruin the big day. Olivia Newton-John plays a coke-snorting mother-in-law.


TAKING AIM: Kate Beckinsale

POINTLESS: Colin Farrell and co-star Jessica Biel in Total Recall
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 21, 2012
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