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DVC format slowly gains acceptance.

NEW YORK -- One of the most promising new items in the blank videotape segment is also among the smallest blank media items yet.

The digital videocassette (DVC), which is smaller than a pack of cigarettes, was introduced about two years ago and is gradually gaining acceptance as a compact format that reportedly renders a picture quality unequaled by any other consumer video format.

"DVC is smaller than an 8mm videocassette or even a standard audiocassette and offers a very sharp picture," explains Frank Bulzomi, brand manager at Fuji Photo Film USA Inc. "It's an emerging format, and once the price of a DVC camera comes down it will really become a very viable part of the blank videotape product mix."

He notes that DVC cameras are now priced at about $1,200, and blank cassettes, which can record as much as an hour of programming, are priced at about $20 each. The cassette measures 2 inches by 2 3/4 inches and is as thick as a standard audiocassette.

For its part, Fuji is offering a blank DVC that retails for about $20, as well as a two-pack of the cassettes priced at about $35. Both have hang tabs and can be merchandised from a J-hook with other videocassettes.

"Because it is digital, we will see a number of computer applications for DVC down the road," Bulzomi says. "It also gives the retailer a high cash register ring and very good margins."

Although the format has been slow to gain consumer acceptance, Bulzomi predicts that household penetration will rise as consumers become aware of the format's capabilities and begin to replace their VHS-C or 8mm camcorders.

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