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ADAM Sandler, we know, has made a career by not growing up. Pee and poo gags laced with fart jokes and T& A raunch have come to define the Sandler stock over two decades now.

Grown Ups 2 faithfully sticks to formula and is your film if you find a man recounting how he shoved a banana up his own rearside to be funny.

The film is set three years after the incidents of 2010' s Grown Ups.

This time, Lenny Feder ( Sandler) decides to move back to his hometown with family.

What follows? Mostly all the old PJs you saw in the first film. Grown Ups 2 is strictly not a sequel. The film is more of a continuation of the 2010 original ( incidentally, the only hit Adam Sandler has seen in the past three years).

Comedy IQ of the film is best defined by an all- new invention of Lenny's buddy Eric ( Kevin James). It is called Burpsnart and it is, as Eric proudly reveals, the art of combining burping, sneezing and farting in one go.

Okay, you don't go into this sort of a film looking for script or logic. But gross as the content is, they could have at least given us some new gags.

The trouble with Grown Ups 2 is it seems to be a film of the brainless, by the brainless, for the brainless.

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Publication:Mail Today (New Delhi, India)
Date:Sep 14, 2013
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