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DUBAI & Other UAE Emirates - The Sharjah Gas Market.

Now producing 800 MCF/day of gas, Sharjah has enough reserves to meet domestic requirements for the foreseeable future. The main E&P operator, BP's Amoco Sharjah Oil Co. (ASOC), produces 650 MCF/day of gas and 30,000 b/d of condensate (see Gas Market Trends). Apart from exports to Dubai and other northern emirates, the company has been supplying gas directly to Sharjah City through a 37 km gasline on which several offtake points have been installed. A second, 43 km, 30-inch, pipeline was laid in the first quarter of 1996 to carry gas from Sajaa field to the Layyah power station and water desalination plant. The lines have a capacity of 450 MFC/day.

The first phase of the city gas grid, operational since June 2000, supplies 25,000 domestic customers and 30 commercial users within the most densely populated part of Sharjah City. The grid begins with a short section of a high-pressure line from the Sajaa/Layyah gas pipeline and consists of three pressure reduction stations, 170 km of gas distribution mains, 3,000 service connections to buildings, and a wide variety of metering units. It has a main gas feeder network throughout Sharjah City, and workshops for the conversion of appliances previously run on LPG within residential apartment and commercial buildings and villas. The grid is to be run by the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), whose power and water desalination plants are run on natural gas.

The grid's second phase, completed this month, extends the Phase 1 network to feed another 35,000 customers. Phase 3 will mainly cover Sharjah's industrial areas and will include about 270 km of pipelines. Another two phases will cover the entire city and nearby settlements. They will raise Sharjah's gas demand to 550 MCF/d by 2005.
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Publication:APS Review Downstream Trends
Date:Jun 10, 2002
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