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 BOSTON, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- AMBRA(tm) Computer Corporation today announced its first product line; 16 high-performance, industry-standard personal computers, servers and workstations. Topping the offerings is a dual Pentium(R)-based PC -- the first such system available anywhere - - and 486-based systems exploiting new clock-doubling Blue Lightning(tm) microprocessor technology from IBM(R). All announced products will be available through the direct channel.
 Called the TP66E2/VL, the line-leading dual-processor base system is an EISA-bus tower workstation equipped with two in-line Intel 60 MHz Pentium processors, 512Kb processor cache, dual channel Fast SCSI-2, S3 video accelerator with 1 MB DRAM, memory expandable to 128MB, 12 drive bays and eight expansion slots. The TP66E2/VL carries a market-leading base price of $4,999. As a competitive solution to RISC- based workstations, the TP66E2/VL will support symmetrical multi- processing under Microsoft Windows NT(R) and SCO(R) Unix(R).
 "Introducing the first dual-Pentium system is an excellent indication of the industry-leading technology AMBRA plans for the value- conscious direct marketplace," said David B. Middleton, president of North Carolina-based AMBRA. "Ranging from notebooks to desktops to servers based on 486SX to Pentium microprocessors, we believe we offer one of the most comprehensive base product lines in the direct channel today."
 Middleton also explained that each AMBRA system is built-to-order, including the hot-loading and optimization of MS-DOS 6.0, Microsoft Windows, a choice of software application programs and a variety of hardware options, allowing users thousands of custom configurations. In addition, AMBRA plans to bring to market the newest technology by refreshing its offerings every 90 to 120 days.

Blue Lightning Systems
 AMBRA offers systems featuring IBM's newly introduced 486 Blue Lightning 66 processors. The 486 Blue Lightning doubles internal clock speed to 66 MHz while maintaining full 486 compatibility. Key features of the processor include an optimized instruction set, 16Kb of internal cache, lower power consumption and better power management. Running at 66MHz, the system is Pentium Overdrive ready with 4MB of RAM, 3.5-inch floppy drive, two VESA bus slots, on-board SCSI, 256K processor cache, Windows accelerator with 1MB of video memory, Ethernet(R) 10BaseT on the motherboard, five ISA slots, five storage bays, mouse, keyboard and hot- loaded MS-DOS(R) 6.0 and Microsoft Windows for $1,299. The same system, fully-configured, is priced at $1,979 and includes 8MB of RAM, a 240 MB(15ms) hard drive and a 15-inch FST(a) low radiation (LR) monitor.
 "AMBRA products, using the 486 Blue Lightning 66 processor, set a new price/performance benchmark by delivering 66 MHz performance at 33 MHz prices," said Middleton.

Pentium-based Desktop
 AMBRA is at the forefront of providing the market with personal computers based on the Intel Pentium microprocessor. An example of a fully configured Pentium-based system includes an Intel Pentium 60MHz processor, 64-bit processor complex, two VESA local bus slots, 8MB of RAM, 256Kb processor cache, 3.5-inch floppy drive, 540MB SCSI hard drive, on-board dual Fast SCSI, ATI Ultra Pro/VL accelerator with 2MB of VRAM, 15-inch FST(a) LR color monitor, eight 32-bit EISA slots, six storage bays, MS-DOS 6.0, Windows, case, keyboard and mouse, all for $4,259. The base model DP60E/VL starts at $3,339 with 8MB RAM (which does not include the hard drive and monitor).

Low Cost 486 Computing
 AMBRA provides users with 486-class power at one of the lowest prices in the industry. The small-footprint Model S450SL with an IBM 486SLC-2 microprocessor running at 50MHz, 4MB of RAM, three ISA slots, three storage bays, 64KB of processor cache, video accelerator, a 3.5- inch floppy drive, MS-DOS 6.0, Windows, keyboard and mouse is priced at $809. Including a 120MB hard drive and 14-inch VGA monitor, the system is priced at $1,199.

Notebook Models
 Currently, AMBRA offers two color notebook models, the NC425SL -- a 486SX 25-SL Enhanced system featuring a dual-scan passive matrix color display and integrated fax modem -- priced at $2,449, and the NT425SL -- a 486SL 25-based system featuring a TFT active color matrix screen and PCMCIA Type 3 slot -- priced at $3,449. Both models come with 4MB of RAM, a 3.5-inch floppy drive, 120MB hard drive, integrated track ball, MS-DOS 6.0, Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Microsoft Works.

New CD Technology for Software Distribution
 Consistent with the company's philosophy of offering the latest available technology, AMBRA computers will include, at no extra cost, a CD-ROM containing over 80 best-selling software titles. The disc allows users to browse and try out software up to three times before making a decision to buy. Software can then be purchased by calling a toll free 800 number, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers will be given a unique code to unlock the software. The featured titles on the CD-ROMs, from leading software companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Micrografx Inc. and Berkeley Systems, will be updated every 30-60 days, and new packages added regularly to the suite of offerings.

 The toll-free AMBRA order number is 1-800-25-AMBRA. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., all times Eastern. AMBRA will work to ensure shipment of orders within 72 hours of order acceptance.
 All AMBRA systems are specified to market demands by AMBRA Computer Corporation. Primary suppliers of design services, subsystems and components include Acer Corporation, Intel Corporation, IBM Corporation and Wearnes Technology Corporation. Primary manufacturing services are performed by SCI Systems, Inc. in AMBRA-dedicated facilities in Huntsville, Ala., where all AMBRA systems are individually built-to- order.
 Service and support policies include one-year, on-site service provided by the IBM Service Organization through contractual agreement. In most cases, service is provided the next business day, Monday through Saturday, throughout the United States and Canada. AMBRA-dedicated telephone support is provided to North America by the IBM Help Line Operation in Canada, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
 All system purchases are protected by a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

AMBRA Computer Corporation
 AMBRA Computer Corporation is a wholly owned IBM Corporation subsidiary. AMBRA makes and markets a full range of high-performance, industry-standard personal computers. The AMBRA product line is affordably priced and sold exclusively through the direct market channel.
 Apart from the new company in the United States, AMBRA is also a leading brand name in Europe and Canada. The new U.S.-made AMBRA products are designed expressly for the North American markets and are substantially different from Ambra-branded products elsewhere.
 NOTE (a) See AMBRA Sample Systems Pricing sheet.
 AMBRA is a trademark of ICPI, Ltd., and used under license therefrom; IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective companies.
 Including the dual Pentium and Blue Lightning systems, the AMBRA line consists of three slimlines, two ISA desktops, three EISA desktops, two ISA mini-towers, four EISA towers, and two notebooks. The base and standard configuration prices and processors are:

 Slimline S450SL 486SLC-2 $809 $1199 4MB, 120 MB HD, 14" VGA
 Slimline S425SX 486SX25 $849 $1339 4MB, 170 MB HD, 14" SVGA
 Slimline S433DX 486DX33 $1049 $1589 4MB, 240 MB HD, 14" SVGA
 ISA Desktop D466BL Blue Light-
 ning 66 $1299 $1979 8MB, 240 MB HD, 15" FST
 ISA Desktop D466DX 486DX2-66 $1599 $2599 8MB, 340 MB HD, CD-ROM,
 15" FST
 EISA Desktop D466E/VL 486DX2-66 $1939 $2699 8MB, 440MB HD, 15" FST
 EISA Desktop DP60E/VL Pentium60 $3339 $4259 8MB,540MB SCSI HD15" FST
 EISA Desktop DP66E/VL Pentium66 $3739 $4879 8MB, 540MB SCSI,15" FST
 Mini Tower T466BL Blue $1349 $2129 8MB 340MB HD 15" FST
 Lightning 66
 Mini Tower T466DX 486DX2-66 $1649 $2649 8MB 340MB HD, 15" FST
 EISA Tower T466E/VL 486DX2-66 $2339 $3759 16MB 540MB SCSI 15" FST
 EISA Tower TP60E/VL Pentium60 $3699 $4899 16MB 540MB SCSI 15" FST
 EISA Tower TP66E/VL Pentium66 $4139 $5559 16MB 540MB SCSI 15" FST
 EISA Tower TP662E/VL Dual $5139 $6559 16MB 540MB SCSI 15" FST
 Penitum 60 HD,
 Color Notebook NC425SL 486SX-25/ N/A $2449 4MB 120MB HD, fax/modem
 Dual-scan SL-Enhanced
 passive matrix
 Color Notebook NT425SL 486SL-25 N/A $3449 4MB 120MB HD, PCMCIA
 TFT Active matrix Type 3
 NOTES: (a) Base pirce includes systems, case, keyboard, 4MB RAM on ISA systems, 8MB on EISA systems, standard processor cache, mouse, DOS, Windows, 3.5" diskette drive and 1-year on-site warranty with helpline support.
 (b) Pricing reflects special introductory offer of a no- charge monitor upgrade from a 14" SVGA LR to a 15" Flat Square display on all 66 MHz and Pentium models.
 -0- 8/2/93
 /CONTACT: Craig Conrad of the AMBRA Computer Corporation, 919-713-1550; Anne Marie Clark of Cunningham Communication, Inc., 617-494-8202, for AMBRA Computer Corporation/

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