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DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg Writes/Publishes New Fantasy Football Stat Book.

Delray Beach, FL, July 20, 2015 --( Fantasy football is considered a game of skill. That is what makes it legal and not gambling. This book, "Fantasy Football Sidekick - Wide Receiver Situational Stats (2015 Edition)" provides the reader with statistical data on 96 wide receivers and all 32 teams' pass defenses. It is up to reader to look at, analyze and place the appropriate weight on the information in this book. The data is important for weekly fantasy football games, to help find good weekly values and help steer people away from poor weekly values.

This book is not a ranking of wide receivers or expert advice on what wide receiver to draft.

The book will be available at online bookseller very soon, including Amazon where Jay Goldberg's author page is

So what can you find in this book?

On the 32 team pages; for their 2014 wide receivers:

--> snaps, targets, receptions, receiving yds, receiving TDs, % of snaps played, targets per snap, % targets caught, TDs per reception,% of team's targets, % of team's receptions, % of team's receiving yds and % of team's receiving TDs.

On the 32 team pages; for their 2014 pass defense:

--> team pass defense consistency factor (yds and TDs), plus average pass yards and pass TDs allowed broken out by: home/away, division/non-division, wins/losses, against top 10 rated QBs/all other QBs, favorite/underdog, when lose as a favorite, and when win as a dog.

--> also for each team's passing yds allowed and passing TDs allowed: the mean, midpoint, standard deviation, high game, low game, % of games gave up 300+ yds; and % of games gave up 3+ passing TDs.

All stats on the team pages are for 2014 season only.

On the 96 player pages (3 WRs per team):

--> average receptions, yds (for player pages yds include receiving and rushing yds) and TDs (for player pages TDs include receiving and rushing TDs) for 2013 and 2014 by opponent

--> in addition the player pages include average receptions, yds (pass, run) and TDs (pass, run) broken out by: all games, home/away, division/non-division, wins/losses, against the top 10 ranked defenses as a group/the middle 11 ranked defenses as a group/the bottom 11 ranked defenses as a group (based on final 2014 rankings), performance after 100+ yd games and performance after a game in which the player scored at least one TD

--> also for each player for receptions, yds (pass, run) and TDs (pass, run): their consistency factor (CF), the mean, standard deviation, high game, low game, % of games had 4+ receptions, % of games had 75+ yards; and % of games had 1+ TDs.

Each player page also has a graph showing the percent of games that player played against teams with a final 2014 pass defense ranking in the top 10, in the middle 11 and in the bottom 11.

All stats on the team pages are for 2014 season only except the average game logs by opponent which is for the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

To allow for determining aggregate trends there are "group" studies (players/teams placed in groups and numbers generated for the group as a whole) and untraditional stat category leaders:

--> Graphs showing the performance for wide receivers drafted in the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft by round by year (2012, 2013, 2014) in their first year in the league (for receptions, yds and TDs)

--> Graphs showing how players with 70 or more receptions (receptions); 900 or more receiving yds (yds) and 7 or more receiving TDs (TDs) performed on average as groups: home/away, division/non-division, wins/losses

--> for players who had 5 to 7 receiving TDs as a group: the probability of scoring a TD (based on 2014 data) after one game with no TD/ with TD, two games in row a game with no TDs/ with TDs and three games in a row with no TDs/ with TDs.

--> Graphs for aggregate team defensive results by groups (top 10, middle 11, bottom 11) by home/away, etc.

--> Stat leaders/trailers for CF (receptions/yds/tds)

--> highest % of: targets per snap, receptions per target, team's targets and team's receiving TDs

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DTR Inc.

Jay Goldberg


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Date:Jul 20, 2015
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