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DT/Studio to help SMEs. (Database News).

Embarcadero Technologies DT/Studio, is an Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) application that enables data integration for data migration, application integration and data warehousing. It is designed to allow users to move and operate on data from multiple sources to any target location or application using three processes.

DT/Studio reverse-engineers the existing operational data through integration with Embarcaderos' ER/Studio data modeling tool.

Once the architecture of the data is established, it transforms the data from the original source into the data format established by the user and populates the target repository, or application, at an optimum speed, preventing interruption in workflow with operational data.


Most ETL solutions are expensive and difficult to use, which limits their use to only the largest corporate data movement projects such as data warehousing. This keeps the software out of reach for medium to small enterprises, forcing them to look to other data integration methods.

According to Gartner Group, more than 80 percent of companies currently use homegrown applications to migrate data rather than purchase a packaged ETL solution. However, these tools may not provide users with the flexibility, usability and scalability needed.

DT/Studio offers, it is claimed, the following benefits:

* Usability. Most ETL solutions are difficult to use and require days of installation time and troubleshooting. DT/Studio's graphical interface utilises wizards, a drag-and-drop interface and a scripting language that allows both novice administrators and data experts to migrate data.

* Open platform. Customisation and configuration of ETL tools has always been a challenge for data administrators. Proprietary ETL systems require additional training and time to tailor to the needs of individual organizations. Utilising a Java-based server, DT/Studio's open platform allows users to write new functions to databases using Java and XML

* Cross-platform support. With a majority of application vendors using multiple database platforms and file types, managing and integrating these disparate data sources can be challenging. DT/Studio's cross-platform support allows integration of all data sources into any target repository or application.

* Scalability. In order to be effective as data continues to grow, ETL tools must be able to process large mounts of data within specific time windows. DT/Studio allows organisations to update target repositories and applications without affecting the operational data.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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