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DSSS Launches BetterThanPin (BTP) Technology Showcase at RSA Conference 2009.

Singapore, Apr 24, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - Data Security Systems Solutions Pte Ltd (aka DSSS), an industry leader in data security, is pleased to announce the launch of BetterThanPin (aka BTP) service at the RSA Conference, San Francisco, held earlier this week.

The BTP service is able toenable almost any online Internet account (eg Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype) to be protected with 2-factor authentication (2FA). DSSS will operate the BTP service as a technology showcase, to invite participation from industry professionals, students and end-users to use, comment and contribute to the technology, before deciding on the commercial aspects of the deployment.

"With BetterThanPin, we are able to take the critical part of security and put it back in the hands of the end-users," explained Tan Teik Guan, CEO DSSS. "This is what matters most."

Users interested to trial the BetterThanPin service are invited to send a request to

About BetterThanPin

BetterThanPin converts your online account authentication from the standard UserID-Password to the more secure UserID-Password+dynamic password. The dynamic password is a user-specific, time-sensitive value that represents the 2nd factor authentication and is generated by a token in the possession of the user. By relying on the DSSS Authentication Server engine, users can use different types of tokens to login to their online accounts protected by BetterThanPin.

For more information about BTP, please visit

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Headquartered in Singapore, Data Security Systems Solutions develops authentication solutions for enterprises, banks and governments that dramatically provide strong authentication that is most critical to online businesses From managing world-class security products and components to enterprise security consulting to developing solutions for the Banking, Financial and Private environments, DSSS is simplifying the way to secure your enterprise. With a growing subsidiary in Bangkok Thailand, and a US subsidiary located in New York City, DSSS is positioning itself to be a global player in data security. For more information, visit

Source: Data Security Systems Solutions Pte Ltd

Tan Teik Guan

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Date:Apr 24, 2009
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