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DSM wins FiE Savoury/Meat Innovation Award.

DSM Food Specialities is the proud winner of the Savoury/Meat Innovation of the Year award at the Food Ingredients Excellence Awards 2013. Its innovative enzyme Maxipro HSP is a unique protease that is able to extract valuable protein from existing animal-based products, thereby offering the world a sustainable, tasty and cost-effective extra source of protein. Calculations show that if all pork and beef blood would be available for human consumption, an additional 65 million people could meet their protein need for a full year.

Cindy Gerhardt, Innovation Manager Enzymes at DSM Food Specialities commented: "We are thrilled to have won this award. It acknowledges our commitment to providing innovative solutions that are sustainable, affordable and at the same time have a great taste to meet consumer demands."

Maxipro HSP effectively extracts valuable protein from animal-based products, allowing producers of processed meat to increase ingredient functionality, nutritional value and taste of their products. With a rapidly growing population finding further sources of food protein is a key challenge. According to the latest (2012) FAO report, it is estimated that the global meat demand will almost double by 2050 (from 258 to 455m tonnes of meat). It is also expected that land and water resources will be limiting factors to meet this demand.

Cindy added "Our new enzyme Maxipro HSP allows meat producers and suppliers of animal-based ingredients to extract high quality, palatable protein from animal by-products. HSP is a unique protease with high histidine specificity, allowing selective removal of the heme group responsible for the red colour and iron taste, leaving an odourless, colourless and neutrally flavoured protein source. We estimate that this enzyme is able to triple the value of blood throughout the meat value chain because of its specific properties."

DSM's consumer tests have proven that canned meat prepared with the globin protein isolated with Maxipro HSP was clearly preferred over similar products prepared with other proteins. These tests also demonstrated the excellent gelation and water binding properties of Maxipro HSP. Essentially, Maxipro HSP is a 100 percent natural processing aid that allows producers to add significant value to their by-products, contributing to a more sustainable production.

DSM expects Maxipro HSP to add value to many other protein extraction processes. In the case of blood protein isolation, the histidine selectivity is clearly linked to specific heme removal. However, the selectivity of the enzyme will generally create protein hydrolysates with a low degree of hydrolysis, thereby not inducing the typical bitterness of extensively hydrolysed proteins, nor destroying the functional protein properties such as gelation, water binding and foaming.

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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