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DSM obtains approval for PreventASe[TM] in China.

DSM Food Specialities' acrylamide mitigating enzyme PreventASe has obtained regulatory approval from the Chinese Ministry of Health.

Under the terms of this new legislation, the pioneering asparaginase enzyme solution is authorised as a processing aid in all general food applications in China. This approval is the latest in a growing list that now comprises Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Mexico and Russia.

Derived from the micro-organism Aspergillus niger, PreventASe converts asparagine, a precursor of acrylamide, into naturally occurring amino acid asparate. This prevents the formation of potentially carcinogenic acrylamide when products such as bread, biscuits, crackers, processed potato products and cereals are heated at high temperatures.

Commenting on this latest regulatory approval, Ruth Donners, Business Manager PreventASe, DSM Food Specialities said: 'We're delighted that PreventASe has been approved in China and feel that this development further underlines PreventASe's international reputation for effective acrylamide mitigation. The last few months have seen growing global concern over acrylamide's suspected carcinogenic properties; authorities in the US and Europe, for example, have continued to step up their investigations into acrylamide in food. Whilst in Canada, acrylamide has recently been added to the list of toxic substances. Given these developments, an effective solution is essential and PreventASe offers just that; an acrylamide mitigation solution that does not affect the quality, taste or texture of end products."

The comprehensive PreventASe portfolio includes solutions for a wide range of food applications including bread, biscuits, crackers and extruded snacks. Taking into account manufacturers' individual product and processing requirements, the enzyme solution can be tailored to meet any need.

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Title Annotation:Ingredients
Comment:DSM obtains approval for PreventASe[TM] in China.(Ingredients)
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Nov 1, 2009
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