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DROPPED TROUSERS TO DROPPED CHARGES; Fiscal arrested over vice girl sex act cuts a deal to escape prosecution.

Byline: By Mark McGivem

A TOP prosecutor known as Roger Ramjet has escaped legal action after he was accused of a sex act in the street with a hooker.

The case against senior fiscal Stuart MacFarlane, 37, - nicknamed after a cartoon character with a similarly prominent jaw - was dropped yesterday by the Crown.

But MacFarlane has now agreed to resign his pounds 43,000-a-year post and his legal career is in tatters.

MacFarlane was arrested just after leaving a boozy function with police officers.

He tried to escape arrest when police caught him by running off with his trousers round his ankles.

MacFarlane was known to take a hard line on vice offences and was involved in an Executive working party looking into street prostitution in Scotland.

Ironically, as a result of the group's findings, from 2008 it will be an offence for men to seek out prostitutes.

The Crown told a sheriff yesterday they had decided it was not "in the public interest" to take the matter any further after medical reports.

MacFarlane, a principal procurator fiscal depute in Glasgow, claimed he had suffered mental health problems after serving a tour of duty as a reservist soldier in Iraq. He was a major in an armoured reconnaissance regiment.

Defence counsel Paul McBride QC had produced papers to the Crown showing the former fiscal had attended psychiatrists for months.

At the time o f the arrest, MacFarlane was being treated for symptoms similar to those of posttraumatic stress disorder, dating back to his period of military service.

Last night, a spokesman for the Crown Office said: "Following full and careful consideration of all the available evidence, Crown Counsel have instructed that no further proceedings are to be taken against the 37-year-old man and 27-year-old woman who were reported in connection with an incident in Glasgow city centre in the early hours of Saturday, 29 October, 2005."

The spokesman added: "A member of staff has resigned from the department with immediate effect."

MacFarlane won't get a pay-off. The vice allegations - revealed by the Record - left MacFarlane's marriage on the rocks. At the time, he was forced out of the home in Eaglesham, near Glasgow, he shared with wife Fiona, 33, and two kids.

Last night, a legal insider said MacFarlane had "lost everything" despite escaping prosecution.

The source said: "Stuart MacFarlane wasn't popular among fiscals in Glasgow or among defence agents.

"He could be very difficult to work with and when he was charged people found it quite funny. But when you weigh up what he has lost, it has been really severe."

The source added the impending court action and the possibility of having to stand trial in his own court had a huge effect on the fiscal.

He said: "The publicity hit him hard and he was genuinely humiliated by his own conduct.

"He attended psychiatrists at a Glasgow hospital and had a really tough time. His whole life imploded in a matter of days and he couldn't take it." MacFarlane faced two charges. He was accused of being involved in a sex act with vice girl Joanne Crane, 26, a heroin addict.

He was also accused of resisting police officers Sergeant William Stewart and PC Grant McCormack.

It was alleged that he attempted to run away with his trousers at his ankles, struggled with them and caused Stewart to fall to the ground and both officers were injured.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday, an independent fiscal David Speirs - drafted in f rom Hamilton - informed Sheriff Craig Henry that the case would be deserted.

Spiers said: "Mr MacFarlane's lawyers have advised of some changes in his situation. Considering this, and specialist medical reports, it would not be in the public interest to proceed further with this case."

He was not in court yesterday.

Joanne Crane's address was listed at a high-rise block in Royston, Glasgow.

But when the Record called yesterday she had moved. Both Crane and MacFarlane had denied the offence.



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Date:May 17, 2006
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