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DRC effectively resolves disputes of women.

Byline: Dur E Shahwar Hidayat

PESHAWAR -- A total of 1298 petty cases out of 2452 have been resolved in Dispute Resolution Councils (DRC) in Gulbahar and Gulberg police stations of provincial city as rare number of women approach the councils for resolution of their problems.

The members of Dispute Resolution Council at Gulberg and Gulbahar police stations said they receive cases pertaining to divorce, inheritance, property, domestic, land occupation and others as hundreds of disputes have been resolved so far. However, the DRC at Gulbahar and Gulberg police stations have resolved 850 out of 1300 cases and 448 out of 1152 cases respectively after its formation.

It has not only resolved cases dealing with males but solved numerous issues pertaining to women including domestic violence, inheritance, dower, divorce and others, they informed.

As per details of councils members, Sherin Taj, a female complainant filed a case at Gulberg police station against the relatives of her late husband who were reluctant to give her dower. DRC resolved the issue and defendant paid Rs 0.8 million to affected woman.

Though the councils have not only solved the case of Sherin Taj but it has also played vital role to provide justice to women in different cases, they added.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government with special directives of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Nasir Khan Durrani announced the formation of first ever Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) in Gulbahar police station in Peshawar in 2014 in order to make the Jirga modernized. The aim of establishment of council was to provide speedy and swift justice to residents of provincial capital, they added.

Each council has 22 members and these have been divided into seven panels as each panel consisting of three members, they added. As retired army officials, former civil servants, lawyers, civil society members and businessmen are the members of councils, they shared. The members of councils have been selected while keeping in view their education, civic services and other capabilities, they stated.

People in provincial metropolitan used to lodge First Information Reports (FIRs) against rival groups in minor issues in various police stations and after establishment of councils, the burden to some extend has been lifted from civil courts, said Shagufta Khalique, a female member of DRC Gulberg police station. She clearly said it had sorted out several issues of women who were vulnerable.

Regarding the women cases, she said that cases pertaining to divorce, dower and even inheritance have been successfully resolved by DRC and it is a swift source of provision of justice to affected women. As the women confidence was building after it (DRC) provided them with justice and their due rights, she claimed.

It is a mold successful form of old Jirga system with core objective to amicably resolve disputes and to address complaints being forwarded by the police department, she said and adding that women still need awareness regarding effective functions of DRC so they approach it for swift justice.

Advocate Amir Siddique Khan, another member of DRC at Gulbahar police station said that the KP government should legalize the councils for effective and its sound functioning as it has played vital role in sorting out disputes among local communities. He categorically said it was an obvious fact that minimum numbers of women were approaching to DRC despite the fact that it was swift, unprejudiced and costless resolution.

Because of the number of cases received by DRCs at Gulbahar and Gulberg police stations, the police department is planning to establish another council at Mathra police station for provision of justice to people.
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Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 11, 2016
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