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DRASH equipment and POCs.

One company that's fielded a variety of COTS equipment is DHS Systems LLC. DHS provides tents and trailers outfitted with generators and environmental control units. You know this equipment as DRASH[R]--Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters. What you may not know is who to turn to for support of your DRASH ... until now.

Points of Contact

Here are DHS points of contact who can help you with any issues concerning DRASH: technical manuals, repair and spare parts, NSNs and part numbers, parts lists, accessories and training. DHS can also offer technical assistance.

Email: or

Or you can phone:

(256) 774-1563 (877) 463-7274 fax (256) 774-1567 mobile (256) 656-4428 Logistics Help Line (800) 977-3647 or (845) 359-6066

DHS has a website supporting their products:

Trailer Spare Parts Deployment Packages

DHS offers a complete line of deployment packages supporting specific generator engines. Each package includes a duffel bag filled with six months' supply of oil, fuel and air filters. The bag also contains belts, hoses, switches and breakers. It's recommended you order two packages when you prepare to deploy.
S Series Shelters

Model NSN 8340-01- Color

1S 459-4337 Green
1S 459-4324 Tan
2S 439-8421 Green
2S 395-3976 Tan
3S 439-8416 Green
3S 439-9119 Tan
4S 439-8425 Green
4S 395-3986 Tan
5S 439-8949 Green
5S 439-8947 Tan
6S 439-8957 Green
6S 395-7853 Tan

XB Series Shelters

Model NSN 8340-01- Color

1XB 514-0514 Green
1XB 514-0515 Tan
2XB 475-2871 Green
2XB 475-2880 Tan
3XB 475-2973 Green
3XB 475-2975 Tan
4XB 462-6736 Green
4XB 462-6735 Tan
5XB 475-3110 Green
5XB 475-3074 Tan
6XB 475-3075 Green
6XB 475-3077 Tan

Specialty Shelters

Shelter NSN 8340-01- Color

Satellite antenna shelter 467-9325 Green
Self-enclosed annex lobby 484-6713 Green
Self-enclosed annex lobby 484-6711 Tan

J Series Shelters
Stowed in transport trailer with 5-KW generator

Model NSN 8340-01-487- Color

J 6254 Green
J 6271 Tan


Model NSN

D901, 60 Hz 8340-01-467-9165
D1000, 60 Hz 8340-01-467-9165

MX Series Shelters
Trailer mounted support system (TMSS medium)

Model NSN 8340-01-533- Color

TMSS100G 5396 Green
TMSS100T 5344 Tan

Utility Shelter Transport (UST) Trailers

 Generator(s) control unit NSN
Model output (ECU) output 8340-01- Color

HP-4DL 20-KW 8-ton 459-4352 Green
HP-4DL 35-KW 8-ton 514-0577 Green
HP-2C 20-KW 8-ton 459-4366 Green
HP-3C 35-KW 8-ton 513-9267 Green
HP-3C 35-KW 8-ton 514-0578 Tan
HP-2U 20-KW 8-ton 499-1814 Green
HP-2U 20-KW 8-ton 499-1803 Tan
HP-2C1G1 35-KW NA 459-4361 Green
HP-3G two 20-KW NA 504-2616 Green
HP-3G two 20-KW NA 504-2617 Tan
HP-3G two 35-KW NA 504-2613 Green
HP-3G two 35-KW NA 504-2614 Tan
HP-2E NA 8-ton 514-0586 Green
High mobility NA NA 513-9687 Green
 cargo trailer
High mobility NA NA 513-9692 Tan
 cargo trailer
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