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DRAMA: Race is on to solve betting scam death; TAGGART WEDNESDAY,STV,9pm NEW.

Burke, Reid, Ross and Fraser are back in telly's longestrunning cop show for a new series chasing swines around the streets of Glasgow.

And much as Matt Burke, played by Pirates of The Caribbean star Alex Norton, might think Blythe Duff's Jackie Reid is a bit of anag, she's not the only one he has to deal with.

Their first investigation of 2007, you see, sees them thrust into the horse racing world.

With nothing in his pockets except a betting slip for pounds 1,000 for the local horse races, a man has been kicked to death in the street.

It's not long before the team identify him as a race regular and a heavy gambler, whose betting has been spiralling out of control.

Thevictim's flat has been trashed and the team soon find out why - there's pounds 50,000 under the floorboards.

The notes are the result of a robbery but, with the perpetrators already behind bars, how did he acquire the money?

However, it got into his possession, it's obvious that the victim was laundering the cash through betting. And there's a new twist - when DCI Burke realises all the horses that lost the races appear to have come from the same stables.

The victim must have had inside information... But when the team turn up to question James and Penny Forsyth, the owners of the stables, they deny any involvement in race-fixing.

Not only that but trainer Terry Deans (Mark McDonnell) seems trustworthy, and stable-hand Panda Ramage is a reformed character since he overcame his heroin addiction.

The spotlight soon falls on Paul Cooley, the main jockey for the stables, who has a history of race fixing.

But when the team find out that there's something going on between Penny Forsyth and Paul Cooley, things start to hot up, as does the body count...


DODGY DEALINGS... A jockey falls under suspicion
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 30, 2006
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