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DRAMA: A character who is really belly strange; KYLE XY SATURDAY, BBC2, noon NEW!

Byline: Graham Keal and Paul English

He's tall, dark and handsome - or at least he's tall when he finally stands up.

When we first meet Kyle XY (Matt Dallas) he is sleeping, crouched in a foetal position in a forest on the outskirts of Seattle, naked as a new-born and covered in a sticky goo like some kind of amniotic fluid.

He wakes up and wonders exactly who he is and what he is doing there, having a close encounter with a fang-baring snake as his first brush with another living being.

But it's only when he walks out of the forest and into the traffic of the city streets, distracting drivers and the occupants of nearby buildings, that he really starts to cause a stir.

Mute as well as starkers, he is arrested and taken to a youth detention centre, where his habit of staring at the residents and absorbing their behavioural traits is destined to get him into trouble almost instantly.

That's when psychologist Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre) is called in to help and is warned that, alongside all his other peculiarities, the intriguing young man has no belly button.

While the locals puzzle over all that, Kyle himself is taken home to join the Trager family and is soon puzzling in his own head over why he has no memory of ever having been small, like the Trager kids.

Meanwhile he has to learn how to communicate, how to use the toilet and how to cope with his first teen party when he can still be startled by a fridge light, let alone loud music, disco lighting and alcohol.

The whole fish-out of-water angle is exploited with wit and charm and it's no wonder critics gave the series a warm welcome in the USA.


OUT OF THIS WORLD... Kyle XY (front) struggles to adapt to life as a teenager
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 17, 2008
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