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DR YVONNE CASEY'S COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE: My acne's still a spot of bother ... at 60.


QDESPITE almost being 60 I still have acne and nothing seems to improve it. Is there anything I can take as I feel it needs to be treated from the inside?' #FOR a minimum of three months take one tablet twice daily of Dermaclear (Akyn-zyme) with food, along with 15 drops of Ectrosept-N in a little water twice daily before meals. Both products can be ordered on 01292 317670. QFOR the third time this year I've come down with a really bad dose of the cold. Is there anything you can do once you have it?

# PREVENTION is better - and easier - than cure. Even at this stage taking Echinacea Forte, widely available in health shops, can reduce severity of symptoms and duration of infection by boosting the immune system. Take it once a day to increase the resistance to further infections and it is safe to take long-term.

QI DREAD not being in control of my surroundings - be it as a passenger in a car or a plane - leaving me anxious and panicky. I don't feel anti-depressants are the answer. Could homoeopathy help? #NO doubt you've put yourself through all the possible reasons as to why you react like this in certain situations, as addressing the root cause is the key to overcoming what can be a protective response by the body. I would suggest the homoeopathic remedy Arsenicum Album. Take three powders of the 200c potency, one in the morning, the second in the evening and the third the following morning. Arsenicum Album can be ordered from Nelson's Homoeopathic Pharmacy on 020 76293118. QI HAVE a cluster of small white swellings on my nose. I've tried a couple of prescribed creams but no results. Can you help me?

# TRY cutting out all dairy foods, replacing them with either goat or soya products for at least two months as these can cause congestion. In addition take 15 drops internally of the combination homoeopathic preparation R53 in a little water three times a day for six weeks. R53 can be ordered by phoning 01292 317670.

QI USE the Cod Liver Oil/Manuka Honey poultice when I get any trace of a leg ulcer but is there any way of preventing them?

#MAINTAINING circulation and promoting the healing process is the key. Try Urticalcin 3 tablets dissolved slowly under the tongue twice daily along with Vitamin E 400i.u. one-a-day. This is safe to take long-term and both products are widely available in health shops.

QI SUFFER with Crohn's Disease and my iron count is a bit low. All the supplements my GP has prescribed upset my bowels. Is there a natural alternative?

#ANDUVITE should suit your needs. Take one capsule first thing in the morning before your breakfast and it's OK to take long term. Anduvite can be ordered by phoning 01292 317670.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 3, 2004
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