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DR GARETH: COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE: Help me shed the unwanted flabbiness.


QI CAN'T shift my extra weight. Would fasting be of any help?

AIT is imperative to feed our metabolism healthily with the 'right' foods. Feed the engine and it operates to maximum capacity; starve it and it functions on emergency alert. A well-qualified dietician will be able to steer you in the right direction.

QHAVING been treated for breast cancer, I am now trying to avoid certain toxins, including anti-perspirants. Any suggestions?

AHEALTH stores stock a wide range of alternatives to suit your needs, both in terms of odour and ingredients.

QMY elderly mother suffers with bedsores and despite numerous ointments is still left with them.

AI RECOMMEND a poultice made up of Manuka Honey and Cod Liver Oil mixed in equal parts and placed on the affected region overnight, removing in the morning and replacing on a nightly basis until improvement sets in.

QI'VE had one bout of biliary colic and an episode of jaundice due to gallstones in the past month. I'm told surgery is my only option. ATHERE' S no harm in trying an alternative regime in the meantime. Take 20 drops of Milk Thistle Complex in a little water three times a day about 15 minutes before each meal to improve liver and biliary tract functioning. Take one pint of olive oil in the morning to enhance bile secretion. Milk Thistle is a Bioforce remedy and is available in health stores


Toxins: Breast cancer
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Date:Oct 30, 2005
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