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Byline: Craig Phillips


Build an outside gas meter cupboard Gas meters exposed on an external wall never look good, so box it in to keep your home looking neat.

Tools and materials 18v hammer action drill-driver 18v circular saw Workbench, tape measure, spirit level Drill bits - masonry, wood and screwdriver 3in x 2in timber 45mm and 75mm screws, wall plugs 18mm marine plywood, 6 hinges 1. First measure the area of the gas meter - don't forget to leave enough room to access your gas meter or to lift portable gas bottles in and out. Then use 3in x 2in timber to build the frame, cutting the wood to size with a circular saw.

2. start to fix your timber frame to the surrounding walls by drilling into your brickwork with a masonry drill bit, using your hammer action drill driver. Then apply wall plugs. 3. Drill a clearance hole through your frame using a wood drill bit and securely fix the frame to the brickwork using 75mm screws.

4. Now your main frame is in place you can cut two panels for the sides and one for its top. I used marine plywood, which is perfect for this job as it's designed for external use and lasts longer than normal plywood. Top Tip: I use a spirit level clamped down to both ends of my plywood when cutting big sheets with a circular saw. It acts as a guide, allowing you to cut quickly and safely and with more accuracy. 5. screw your two side panels into position using a drill driver and 45mm screws. Then fix the top panel at a slight angle to prevent rain from gathering on the roof.

6. I recommend fitting two doors for a cupboard of this size and shape. So, using your circular saw, cut your plywood to a suitable size. Fit three of your hinges to one side of each door and, holding them in place, screw the free edge of the hinge to the frame of your cupboard. Drill a small clearance hole into the plywood to prevent it from splitting when you screw down your hinges.

Top Tip: Apply clear wood preserver for a lasting, weatherproof finish.

All power tools kindly supplied by Ryobi Power Tools:
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 7, 2011
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