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Byline: Craig Phillips

HOW TO.. Fit a shelf in a cupboard BY fitting shelves into existing cupboards or alcoves you can create extra storage - and hide away all your clutter.

MATERIALS : Length of veneered shelving Sheets of veneered shelf batten PVA glue 35 - 40mm length screws x 5mm wide Tools : 18v drill driver, 18v circular saw Tape measure, spirit level, pencil Set square or handsaw Safety specs 3mm drill bit, screwdriver bit 1. Measure the width and depth of your alcove or cupboard opening. Cut the shelf batten into three pieces using the 18v circular saw or a handsaw - two mirroring the measurement of the depth of the space and one matching the width of the area. 2. Hold your cut shelf batten up against the back of the space you wish to fit the shelf in and, using a spirit level and pencil, mark the place ensuring it is straight and level. 3. Holding the batten into position flat against the sides of the alcove or cupboard, drill pilot holes through the batten and into the walls using your 18v drill driver and 3mm drill piece. Using the screws and screwdriver bit, firmly fix the batten to the wall. Repeat this three times, one at the back and one on either side. 4. Measure the width of the opening again and, using the 18v circular saw, cut shelf to size based on these measurements.

Place the shelf on top of the battens to make sure it is snug.

Top Tip: Shelves come standard at 300mm wide - when cutting the shelf to size you will have to use a set square or the handle of a handsaw to mark up a 90[bar] angle to ensure the corner will fit neatly. Wear safety specs when using a circular saw. 5. Once you are happy that the shelf fits, put a line of PVA glue along the top of each of the three battens and place the shelf on top. Leave to dry. Top Tip: If you intend to store heavy items, fit a rail under the shelf for additional support.

All power tools kindly supplied by Ryobi Power Tools:
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 20, 2011
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