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Byline: Craig Phillips


Hang a heavy mirror IF you want to hang a large mirror or picture frame that weighs more than 35kg, standard picture frame brackets will not be strong enough to hold it. I prefer to use a spliced baton - two lengths of baton each with one edge cut at a 45 degree angle. Fit one to the wall and the other to the back of your frame. When put together they create a strong fixture for a heavy item. TOOLS AND MATERIALS : 18v cordless hammer action drill Spirit level Tape measure Pencil Screws Rawl plugs Two lengths of spliced baton Top Tip: With an object of this weight and size, I recommend only fitting it to a solid wall - a partition wall will not be strong enough. 1. Measure about 6in down from the top edge on the back of the frame then draw a straight line across the back. 2. Before fixing the baton to the back of the frame, drill at least six screw holes through it.

3. Using your drill driver, screw the spliced baton to the back of the frame using the 10mm screws, along the line you've drawn. The spliced angle edge must point down (see photo, above). 4. Fix the other baton to the wall. This time you will have to use a masonry drill bit to drill through the baton and solid wall. Drill at least six holes and put a rawl plug in each hole in the wall, making sure you pick the right size plugs to match the screws.

5. Drive the first screw into one of the centre holes and check the baton is straight with a spirit level. Then drive in the screws, holding the baton firmly to the masonry wall. The spliced edge should be pointing upwards.

6. Get someone to help you lift the large mirror or picture on to the wall with the two batons hooking together. The weight and size of the mirror or picture will hold it in place without any further fixings. After one final check with your spirit level to make sure it's straight, you are done.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 12, 2010
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