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Byline: Craig Phillips


Hang a picture frame on to a plasterboard wall MOST modern houses have plasterboard walls. This can restrict what you can hang, as the size and weight of items can sometimes be a problem. There are special plasterboard fixings you can use to fix items to the board, but there will still be limits to the size and weight of what you can hang.

MATERIALS: Plasterboard plugs Screws TOOLS: 18v drill/driver and masonry drill bit 18v hammer-action drill Pocket spirit level Pencil Tape measure 1. Before you buy materials, check both the picture frame's weight and what the restrictions are on the individual plasterboard plug and screw.

2. Choose the position for your frame and mark with a pencil. Use a spirit level to draw a straight and level line across the wall. Measure along your line and mark where you want the two plasterboard fixings to be installed. Top Tip: If you do not have a spirit level, you can always measure down from the top of the ceiling and mark the fixing position with a pencil. Repeat this to get your second fixing.

3. Using your hammer-action drill and masonry drill bit, drill two 6mm pilot holes and place the nibs of your two plasterboard fixings into the holes. Take your drill-driver and your screwdriver bit and slowly start to wind the plasterboard fixing clockwise into the board. Top Tip: Be very careful that you don't overwind the plasterboard fixing as it could damage and break away the board. If the board is damaged it will not hold the weight of your picture frame. 4. Taking the screws provided (only use those with the plasterboard plugs, which come as a set), drive them in about twothirds of the way, leaving about 10mm proud from the wall. These will serve as you hooks, allowing you to simply place your lightweight picture frame on to the two screws fixed into the plasterboard.

5. Never hang a picture that is heavier than 10kg directly on to the plasterboard using the fixings as the board will not be strong enough.

All power tools kindly supplied by Ryobi Power Tools:
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 17, 2010
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