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DP: Screen shots.

Austin Powers III: Goldmember (12) *** MikeMyers returns as the 1960s British James Bond spy spoof character Austin Powers with the usual suggestive dialogue and Michael Caine as his dad (with the same sticky out teeth). The series is beginning to wear a little thin now with the same old gags and returning characters (many played by Myers himself). Mind you, they said that about the Carry Ons (with which this could be compared) and they got over 20 movies out of the same format.

The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (PG) *** Theworst title since Carry On: Follow That Camel features real life animal experts Steve and Terry Irwin pitched against CIA operatives trying to track down a ball swallowed by a crocodile. Real life creatures - snakes, spiders, etc - appear alongside some very bad acting. PS - it's an Australian film.

Stuart Little 2 (U) **** Great family summer fun with the talking mouse Stuart (voiced by Michael J. Fox) back with more adventures with his adoptive parents Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis. This time Stuart falls in love but has a rival in a falcon. Brightly scripted to keep parents happy alongside the kids.

The Abduction Club (12) *** Based on fact, it is the story of a club of bachelors who try to abduct young girls with money and marry them before daylight. Lots of heaving bosoms but stars Daniel Lapaine and Mathew Rhys hardly set the screen alight.

Jason X (15) ** Another in the Friday the 13th saga with the mask-wearing mad killer Jason now set in the future of 2455 where he menaces bright young things on a spaceship.

It looks different but is really more of the same as characters are killed off one by one.

Scooby-Doo (PG) *** The television series comes to the big screen with live actors playing the cartoon characters apart from the dog Scooby-Doo, recreated by a computer. Some fun to be had but it's best to wait for a wet afternoon when the kids are getting out of order.

Bad Company (12) *** Anthony Hopkins is a veteran CIA agent who has to train a stupid Chris Rock to handle an atomic threat after Rock's twin brother is killed. As daft as it sounds with Hopkins going through the motions.

Resident Evil (15) ** Based on a computer game and looks like it with Milla Jovovich heading a team trying to sort out a bug which turns people into flesh-eating monsters. A feeble time-passer.

Big Fat Liar (PG) *** Hollywood spoof with Paul Giamatti as a big Hollywood producer trying to rip off a writer who seeks revenge. Quite good fun., Minority Report (12) ***** Superb sci-fi thriller from director Steven Spielberg, full of startling visual effects and tense chase sequences. Tom Cruise is on top form as the futuristic crime-buster who arrests people before they commit a crime - and then discovers he is due to commit a crime himself.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 2, 2002
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