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DOUGRAY GETS HIS MISSION ACCOMPLISHED; Pal in the clear after star gives evidence.

Byline: By Tim Bugler

MISSION Impossible star Doug ray Scott hugged pal Iain Robertson outside court yesterday after his evidence helped clear the actor of assaulting a photographer.

Scott spoke out in defence of 22-year-old Robertson, who was found not guilty of punching Andrew Milligan after a bust-up on a film set.

Later, Scott said the verdict completed a fantastic couple of days for him.

The lifelong Hibs fan said: ''We got the double Hibs put Rangers out of the cup and now we've won in court.''

Scott, 38, had earlier told how Milligan had been ''rude'' in his attempts to get photos of the cast of his latest movie, The Bum's Rush.

The actor, who was the film's executive producer, said the assault described by 27-year-old Milligan and two police officers never took place.

The Fife-born star told Stirling District Court how he, Robertson and actress Niamh McIntosh had been leaving the set at an antique shop in Stirling's Dumbarton Road to be driven away for lunch.

Scott said: ''Iain Robertson was in front of me.

''I was taken aback slightly by the presence of this photographer being flanked by a police officer.

''He was to my mind being very aggressive in his attempts to take pictures of either myself or Iain.

''In my experience of paparazzi photographers, and I've had lots of it, they usually say 'do you mind if I take your photograph, Mr Scott?'.

''I say 'go ahead', because they're going to anyway.

''All I saw when I left the shop was this camera thrust forward.

''Ian took his hat off to put in front of the lens, understandably.

''The photographer hadn't been polite about asking and Iain, my good friend, puts his hat in front of the lens to stop the rudeness.

''It lasted a couple of seconds and then Iain got into the van.''

He added: ''It would take an extraordinary imagination to call what I saw a punch.''

Clenching his fist, he said: ''A punch is a punch and a fist is this.

''Iain was upset, not angry.''

Scott, who played villain Sean Ambrose in Mission: Impossible 2, flew from London to give evidence on Robertson's behalf just days after returning from filming in Canada.

He said: ''I have gone to a fair bit of effort to defend my friend from something that never occurred.''

Asked how Milligan received a swollen lip, described in court by two police officers, Scott replied: ''If hewas trying to jostle for position he might have taken his camera and hit it into his own face.''

Clearing Robertson, from Govan, Glasgow, Justice of the Peace, Lieutenant Commander Tim Lloyd, said he was not satisfied the necessary intent to cause injury had been present.

Robertson, who made his screen debut in the movie Small Faces, said he had been astounded when police turned up at his film set caravan and told him he was being arrested.

Recalling the incident with the photographer, he said: ''It had been very dark in the set all morning and when I came out I had this flash going in my face.

''It was not pleasant.

''He pushed past Niamh with his camera in front of him taking pictures all the time.

''When he came towards me my reflex action was to put my hat up, over his lens.

''I told him to get to f ***. Some actors are quite happy to have their pictures taken and some are not.

''I don't do what I do to get famous. I just do it because I was born to do it.''

Asked how the police came to their conclusion that Milligan had been punched, Robertson replied: ''Paparazzi photographers aren't silly creatures.

''They are there to milk the situation.

''I can see how they might have come to that conclusion but I did not assault that man.''

After leaving court, Robertson joked: ''I'll just smile at photographers from now on.''


SCREEN BADDIE: Dougray; Scott in Mission: Impossible 2; SNAPPER: Milligan; DELIGHTED: Iain Robertson with his pal Dougray Scott outside Stirling District Court yesterday
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 7, 2004
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