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DORIC COLUMN ROBBIE SHEPHERD To contact Robbie, email and mark your message FAO Robbie Shepherd; Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind? AULD LANG SYNE - BURNS.

Ay, the auler we get as the eers ging fleein by it's afa easy tae lose contac bit syne be brocht richt up tae date wi the mere menchin o a name, be it wird o moo or aance the papers.

Ye can coont me luckier than some haein es wikkly screid an es wis brocht hame till's on ma bittie a fower wikk syne on the Doric Film Festival. I gaed deserv't praise tae The Torry Heritage Group on their award wi a weel presentit five meenits on A Future Shapit By The Past an here's jist pairt o a gran letter fae George Wood, the secretary o the group, bringin back memories o mony a gran musical nicht spent in Calum's Neuk o the Torryburn Hotel in Kintore - alas hotel nae mair. 'Thank you for the kind words, these were very much appreciated... the script writer, me, is the son-in-law of the late George Carnie of Kintore. All that uphill work he put into trying to convert a toonser to speak his language did pay off in the end. Trying to calm the storm to get a consensus on what should be said and how it should be said was a task in a half'. He maun o pass't the test nae bother, feet aneth the table an noo George an Evelyn hae been happily mairriet for fifty-five eer.

Ay, Breemie Carnie wis a great character an takk's back tae the nichts at the Torryburn wi mine hosts Jim and Joey Castle, ma gweed freen, tin fussle player supreme the late Alex Green - a nephew o Joey - in Calum's Neuk nam't and open't bi Calum Kennedy. Alex aye likit tae tell the story o Jim - fa hid a shop afore he bocht the Torryburn - on hearin at a rival store hid tomatas on display cheaper than his, the birse gaed up, 'What way can you sell your tomatoes at at price?' Breemie cwid o pit him richt on faain throw't in's rouse tryin tae spikk proper.

Noo tae anither aul acquaintance or twa wi the news at Richard Michael, the virtuoso jazz pianist is tae celebrate his 70th birthday on stage wi faimily members at the Edinburgh Fringe neist wikk. Fit a talentit bunch o musicians they are tee an Richard's Mum an Dad wid o been gie prood o them, aa in senior roles at teachin an playin music.

Losh I myn fine on daein a progamme a curn o eers back on Grampian TV caa'd Out and About stravaigin up the steep brae tae the War Memorial bi Dunnottar, wi Richard's faither John beltin oot Stonehaven Bay compos't bi Jimmy Wright an fit a view - the castle tae the richt o's the rollin hills an fertile grun ahin's an the seascape in front. John wis Steenhive tae the core an, entertainin aa ower the place wi his concert pairty includin the young loons Richard an the late Willy, did sae much for the area. Fae couthy kintra sang tae jazz an boogie the Michaels hae pit the toon on the map.

Gin ye be in Embra for the Fringe, check the Fit's On an dinna be surpris't tae hear McGinty's Pig gyang at a helluva rate as it gings on the spree wi Richard gien't big licks on the ivories as it skitters doon the Royal Mile takkin aathing in's stride.

Bit tae eyn on a sad note the warst shock tae Esma an me es last month wis the daith o bass player Billy Craib fa I reez't oot in es column as een o the guests o honour at the annual Celebrity Luncheon o the NAAFC at the eyn o June. The hale Scottish Dance Music scene wis stunned tae hear at Billy pass't awa less than a twa wikks later haein collapsed in the street in Edinburgh. Oor thochts are wi his faimily an his mony freens. A lovely guy.

Shid auld acquaintance be forgot.

See ye neist wikkeyn.

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