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DORIC COLUMN ROBBIE SHEPHERD; To contact Robbie, email and mark your message FAO Robbie Shepherd.

Shoudie, shoudie, my wee doo, The lang day's by an it's gloamin noo. LULLABY - J.M. CAIE The steer's aa bye sae it's wi a sigh o relief I hae manag't tae pit thegither es wikk's screid efter a fairish feow days. It aa startit wi the funeral service for champion hivvyweicht athlete o the Heilan games, Bill Anderson MBE I pey't tribute till last wikk and an ootstannin eulogy bi Jim Broon o the Grampian Games Association echoin ma ain wirds an much mair - Bill, a true gentleman an great credit tae the games.

It wis oot tae Baldarroch Crematorium at Crathes syne a twa days later tae bid fareweel tae Bill Buchan, a gweed freen an fan o ma radio programmes gyan back tae the sivventies wi Meet Ye Monday an a thochtie later es column at he clippit oot ilka wiik an sent tae his pal Allen Barnett in Canada - baith young an illtrickit fairm wirkers afore Allen emigratit.

Neist day wis Lonach an a great day wis hid bi een an aa. On Sunday I draggit ma weary body an achin beens oot o the scratcher tae welcome the faimily up for a twa three days, bonnie bairn Rose comin on tae fower month aal noo and her first crossin ower the border. Will she need a passport neist time? Ach, aa es cwid o made the guts o a half dizzen columns bit time nor tide wytes for nae man in beatin the deidline sae the pleesur on seein the faimily an Gordon's in-laws maun be the priority.

Grannie an granda Shepherd nivver lippen't on anither bairnie tae add tae the faimily bit it's back tae the same routine only it didna help at the fower o them wis tae coorie doon in the same room, a shakkiedoon for five-eer-aul Dougie ajynin the double bed an a space creatit bi shiftin wardrobes for Rose an her portable cot. Noo aa wis ready as we lookit forrit tae the newest bunnel o joy.

Eence mair I becam the haunless granda twiddlin ma thooms fin aa aroun wis bizzin like bees in a bike. Fit wye wid my Doric tones pit the littlin tae sleep, like the mither in at poem - 'yer wee bit eenickies, steek them shut'? Weel efter makkin a feow efforts at the wirds I myn't on.

'one finger alone keep movin one finger an thoom keep movin' An ere wis Rose an me makkin direct ee contac Come a feow months or the neist veesit I daurna try her oot as Geordie Carnie fae Kintore eest tae dee fin dirdin his dother Evelyn on's knee an noo, in a letter fae husband George Wood, they're winnerin gin it wis unique tae "Breemie". Kennin George back then I cwid sweir it wis a makkie-up bit ye can jist picter it as he got intae perfec rhythm startin it aff wi 'As I gid ower John hird a dird, John hird a dirt a dyrie I met in wi Hikerty Pick, cairryin awa Kilpyrie o..........' Fit a lot o haivers ye gyang throwe wi the chauve in the sma oors fin the waukrif craitur fechts the sleep an I'm wintin tae hear fae you on the dirdin an loupin antics you ees't tae dee as ye shoudie poudie't lang efter the sun gaed doon. I micht jist try oot the best o them neist time.

The only Doric at Dougie can understan, dependin foo hard aal granfaither pits doon his fit, is "Hae Min" an I'm sikkin a phrase for Rose tho the wee quaet cherub I'm siccar will be a lot easier tae deal wi. A gentle "Ca cannie, quinie" shid be eneuch.

Myn ye I cwidna believe the wirds at come oot o their ain Doric faither's moo fin hopin tae cry in bye on their road hame haein spent their hinmaist nicht wi ithers.

'We'll try to swing in past on oor way sooth' Fit? On a wing an a prayer? See ye neist wikkeyn.

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