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Dorado Corporation, a provider of e-Commerce for banks, has launched the Dorado Software Development Kit (SDK). Designed for development partners, IT professionals and services consultancies to develop custom applications for Dorado's Relationship Commerce Platform (RCP). The SDK reduces the time and cost of custom integration, development and content migration by providing Dorado software, documentation, and APIs.

"Dorado has done a great job delivering a development kit for their Relationship Commerce Platform and an equally great job supporting our developers," said Tony Rennier, president and CEO of Foundry, Inc. "By using the Dorado SDK, we are able to quickly develop and implement several new e-commerce applications that meet today's needs of banks and other financial institutions."

"Dorado's SDK is designed to lower the cost and accelerate the speed of development on our platform," said Dr. Robert Carpenter, chief technology officer and founder of Dorado Corporation. "Dorado's SDK enables development on a single-server platform that combines superior e-commerce capabilities with features and functionality specific to financial services. The developer and end-user get personalization, collaboration, and integrated financial service functions on an open, industry-leading foundation."

SDK Features

Dorado's Relationship Commerce Platform 2.0 is an e-Commerce application server for banks and other financial institutions. It combines personalization, secure data and transaction management, and support for collaborative interaction, with specialized features for the financial services. It can serve as a single platform for running multiple Dorado e-Commerce applications, thus consolidating customer data and coordinating access to this data.

Using the Dorado SDK, development partners, IT professionals and services consultancies can develop applications for the RCP. These applications can:

-- Enhance customer relationships through consolidation of customer touch on a single-server platform

-- Customize, extend and scale rapidly to address evolving needs

-- Integrate finance-specific services such as underwriting, credit, appraisal, and feature-adjusted pricing

-- Enable highly dynamic, personalized browser-based interactions

About Dorado

Dorado Corporation provides an e-Commerce platform and applications for building and retaining customer relationships in banking and financial services. Our clients-the top 150 banks and financial institutions-use our technology and services to better market, sell, and deliver all their products through all their distribution channels. Dorado products are delivered in a vertical service provider model.

Dorado's products include the Relationship Commerce Platform, an e-Commerce application server for building and retaining customer relationships; the e-Advisor application, used to market and sell financial services to consumers; and the e-Collaborator application, used to process and deliver them across all channels.

Dorado's customers are leading financial institutions including Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation, Washington Mutual, First Horizon Home Loans, GreenPoint Mortgage, and H&R Block Mortgage.

Dorado Corporation can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 650/227-7530.
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