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DONNA FACES A DAY OF DESTINY; Can the terminally ill crooked cop pull off one final con?


Just because Donna is having to deal with the worst news it is possible to be given, it doesn't mean she can't have another bag of problems too.

The dying bent policewoman is about to pull one last job with Ross, with the target this time the local nightclub.

As Ross awaits the final details on the job from Gary, he talks of the future for himself, Donna and April – and notices Donna seems less than keen to make long–term plans.

There is no way that any of this is going to end well – it is Soapland after all. Sure enough, there is a crisis at the birthday party involving April and blood, which Donna has to deal with.

Things also start to go very badly wrong at the nightclub as Ross and Donna's police act fails to convince.

There's more drama in the village as Charity manages to throw Declan off the scent regarding the money she has given to Cain.

However, when she goes to meet handsome, debonair client Harvey, will she be tempted to take things a bit further? Especially when there's a gracious invite for her to return with him to his hotel in Harrogate?


At his lowest ebb, Peter considers pleading guilty to murder. But on a visit to the cell of booze king Jim McDonald, he receives a pep talk then enters a not guilty plea. But Jim has a further proposition.

Surprisingly for all involved, Michael turns out to be the only person who is able to get through to Max.

Nick and Leanne have one apocalyptic confrontation too many with each other while, on a much–needed lighter note, Kirk begins a series of foiled attempts in his bid to propose to Beth.


In case anyone had forgotten about poor Lucy Beale amidst the rest of the drama and misery that makes up life for the residents of the Square of the Damned, the murder case takes a new twist, piling more pressure on the shoulders of Ian Beale.

An unexpected ultimatum leaves him struggling. But he has an appearance in front of the press to endure, as he makes a hugely emotional plea for help over the murder of his dear daughter.

The new turn in the case leaves the never–knowingly–not–nosey residents of Walford in a spin.

After all her recent troubles, Linda struggles to keep her head held high but the stress is getting to her, while Stacey has a huge decision to make.

Can Abi and Jay's relationship survive them being so secretive?


Poor Cindy's life has left bad, driven past worse and is now on the outskirts of appalling. She tries to kidnap baby Katy while Tony and Sinead are otherwise engaged.

Tony spots her with the twins' buggy and gives chase, just avoiding a disaster with a bus. Holly and Dirk persuade her to seek help. But she's convinced imaginary Rhys was hit by the bus.

Finn wakes up bound in a disused petrol station, with an angry Ste ordering him to confess to the assault of John Paul or be killed.

Trevor and Grace are on their way to their IVF appointment when a package arrives from Big Bob, who needs a favour.


If soap characters watched soaps, they would know that their families' histories should be left well alone and in the past.

Finn clearly doesn't watch soaps and is unprepared for his search for his lost sister to end in both success and disaster.

Angry at rejection and the involvement of the police, Finn lashes out, forcing Will and Robbie to ask themselves if they are cut out to foster.

Alan is rattled when Raymond asks questions about Eric's disappearance.

He turns to Alex for support, but faces isolation.


Lucy turns up in Erinsborough, paying a surprise visit to Paul. She's less than forthcoming when she's questioned about her reasons for leaving New York but eventually she reveals the truth.

Toadie has other problems though, as he and Sonya go on a disastrous child–free date. She confesses she's afraid of losing him and not just because they're traipsing through a dark wood.

Josh and Imogen are furious when Amber is chosen to plan the school's big night, a decision with huge consequences.


The course of poor Marilyn's love life has never run smooth. As she prepares to move in with John, it doesn't appear this relationship will either, as she lays down a series of daunting laws to him.

Oscar's self–portrait appears to reveal the depths of his mental health issues and Nate suggests he take medication.

Nate admits to Sophie that he still cares for her and they decide to go on a date, which concerns Leah, while Darcy's crush on Jett could finally pay off as he offers to walk her home.





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