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DONAL: MY MAN CRUSH ON ELLERY; BEST FOR WEEKEND TV Dancing On Ice's MacIntyre on why rival contestant is so cool.


DANCING On Ice star Donal MacIntyre has confessed he has a secret "man crush" on his rival contestant, former rugby star Ellery Hanley.

The Irish presenter has thrilled millions of female viewers on the show with his slick moves and striking good looks.

But the undercover reporter has admitted even though he is 100 per cent straight, he has a soft spot for Hanley.

He revealed: "I've got a man crush on fellow Dancing On Ice contestant Ellery Hanley.

"He's someone I'd like to be - a gentleman an athlete and so gentle and enthusiastic."

But the star quickly turned his attention back to the girls and said: "I like Kirsty Young.

"She has a Celtic flair about her that makes her very attractive." MacIntyre has dodged the dreaded axe each week so far despite being criticised by the judges.

And he has polled thousands of votes from the public who have saved him.

MacIntyre revealed how appearing on the show has given him a body to die for and help him get in the best shape of his life.

He added: "I'm not the healthiest eater in the world.

"I love Pringles - I pop and I don't stop until I've eaten the entire box.

"I've lost three stone recently but with Dancing On Ice training I'm burning so many calories I could eat any old rubbish again and it wouldn't matter.

"I'm a terribly messy eater. If I'm giving the opportunity to spill food, alcohol or coffee over myself I will."

Donal also told Closer magazine he's a fan of the MasterChef cookery show. He revealed: "It's cheesy and I can't cook for toffee, but I like it because you know what you're going to get.

"I have a theory though that the judges always send the pretty girl through."

Despite being voted one of the hottest hunks in showbiz, the star confessed he was left lacking in the trouser department after one icy TV shoot.

Asked about his most embarrassing moment on the box, he explained: "That would have to be being asked to strip naked in the Arctic in temperatures of minus 30 for B BC's Wild Weather programme.

"Let's just say everything shrivelled.

"I'm sure there was a long forgotten scientific reason for it but it wasn't a good look."

Dancing On Ice is on TV3 at 6.30pm this Sunday

Ellery is someone I'd like to be - a gentleman, an athlete and so enthusiastic


SKATER BOYS Donal MacIntyre and Ellery Hanley
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 29, 2009
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