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Byline: Graham Keal and Paul English

Tigers are rated the world's favourite wild animal, and according to narrator David Attenborough (who knows about these things) this new threeparter is "the most intimate portrait of tigers ever seen".

That comes as no surprise since it's made by pioneering film-maker John Downer and his team, the world's canniest exponents of hidden camera techniques. If you can disguise a camera as a heap of elephant dung, or strap a miniature one to a bird, or make a creature think a camera is actually a potential mate, Downer has already done it a dozen times.

This time he strapped cameras to four of the most eco-friendly four-byfours he could find - elephants - with cameras on trunks and tusks.

The reward for such painstaking preparation comes as the cameras discover four 10-day-old tiger cubs in the Indian jungle.

At 14 weeks they can eat over a kilo of meat each per day - but it's almost unheard of for four cubs from one litter to reach adulthood. Can these break the mould?
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 29, 2008
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