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We are now halfway through what has been a very stark reminder for most of us that winter in Canada is both unpredictable and, at times, very hazardous. I can't help recalling the writings of Mrs. Simcoe in which she talked about being in a tent at Niagara over the winter until their accommodations were completed. Even with all the down sleeping bags and other winter camping equipment today, I can't say that there has ever been an appeal to be out overnight in this weather. This is one more thing to remind us of the hardy nature of our ancestors, especially when, for many, they lived the winter months under very rude conditions and, even moving into a cabin, might have found it drafty and not ideal.

There have been several things happening since the fall of 2018. As many of you will be aware, we received confirmation that the Governor General was prepared to be a Patron of the UELAC. Our Past President, Barbara Andrew, worked very hard to receive an answer on this when the new Governor General was sworn in. It was not until a newspaper article identified that we were not the only organization who had received no response that something began to happen.

In early January 2019, an invitation was sent to the Office of the Governor General inviting her to attend the June Conference, but to date we have received no reply.

In early January we received word that, following the death of her husband, Mette Griffin would be moving north to live closer to her children. We have entered into a three-month contract with Mette for five hours a week, which will provide some assistance to Jim Bruce regarding membership and certificates. During the three months we will re-evaluate this and the needs of the office.

As a result of Mette's departure, we have entered into a further contract with Jim Bruce who is now our office manager, working twenty hours each week. The current plan is that Jim will be in the office each day, from Monday to Thursday. He has also taken on some financial duties to ensure that our transactions can be completed in a timely fashion. It is our plan to have the information about the office opening times posted on the website. As we transition to the new website it is our plan to be able to update this re: weather, illness and vacation, as needed.

There are some exciting things happening in a variety of areas and the details of these projects will be shared via Executive Notes following the Board Meeting.

I am looking forward to several upcoming visits this spring and early summer. There is a calendar on the UELAC website should you wish to check a date.

I hope that this finds all of you well and beginning to see a return of spring with lots of Branch activities and family research. Thank you to all of you who have worked so hard on behalf of the organization and I look forward to meeting you in Ottawa in the spring.


Suzanne Morse-Hines UE

UELAC Dominion President 2018-2019



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Author:Morse-Hines, Suzanne
Publication:The Loyalist Gazette
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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