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DOH airs warning vs summer ailments.

Stay out of the sun, hydrate often and bathe daily.

With temperatures beginning to rise, the Department of Health has advised the public to take steps to avoid heat-related ailments that are common during the summer.

The DOH said the summer season could be fun, but it could also bring health problems. It advised the public to avoid exposure to the sun during the four hours of the day when the sun is at its peak to avoid heat-related ailments.

In an advisory, the DOH said: "Avoid direct exposure to the sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Hide in the shade or seek cool places to prevent the ill-effects of too much sun exposure."

It advised people to conduct their outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon.

Among the common ailments associated with summer is heat stroke, which occurs when the body becomes overheated due to the high temperature and overexposure to the sun.

The DOH said this could be avoided by drinking eight to 12 glasses of water a day and avoiding tea, coffee, soda and alcohol.

Another ailment is sunburn, where the skin is burned by the rays of the sun and turns red and painful.

The DOH said this could be avoided by applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 half an hour before sun exposure and reapplying if exposure is extended.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Apr 7, 2015
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