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DOGGY BANK; PS3.99 in her tum.

Byline: Pamela Owen

BELLA the spaniel put a whole new meaning into dog pounds - after having PS3.78 removed from her stomach.

The money-guzzling pet was rushed to the Blue Cross animal hospital after her owner noticed she had swallowed a PS1 coin - and 21p came out in change.

With no sign of the original pound coin and no idea what else the King Charles spaniel had swallowed, owner Hayley Cole panicked.

The charity's vets did an X-ray and found 11 more coins in Bella's stomach totalling PS3.78 - and had to operate to get the cash.

X-RAY: In total Bella had swallowed PS3.99 - more than you find down the back of the average sofa. Hayley confessed this wasn't the first time her seven-year-old dog had salted away some savings.

She said: "Bella has a penchant for coins and has eaten the odd penny before, which she has managed to pass. I can't believe she had 11 other coins in her. I've no idea where she got them or how long they'd been in there."

Mark Bossley, chief vet at Blue Cross in Victoria, South London, added: "We do see lots of cases of dogs swallowing things but I have never come across a living, breathing money box like this before.

Grateful "Bella's owner did the right thing bringing her in. Although the dog seemed fine, the coins could have caused a blockage.

"Coins can be poisonous if not passed - they can cause breakdown of blood cells. If anyone thinks their pet has eaten something it shouldn't, it's wise to seek veterinary advice." Hayley said: "Bella is so grateful to Blue Cross for helping her that she's decided to leave her savings to them.

Penny drops "The cash will probably need a good clean but I think it's the least she can do to say thank you."


MINTED: Bella and Hayley

X-RAY: Penny drops
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 6, 2014
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