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ADOG has been flown 6,000 miles to be buried in a special ceremony at a pet cemetery in North Wales.

Elaine Kao, from Hong Kong, had golden retriever David's body sent to Holywell after scouring the internet to find somewhere to lay him to rest.

She said she was unable to find a plot for him in Hong Kong because there is little space for animal burials and owners are forced to cremate pets.

But Elaine wanted to give her pooch a send-off to remember, so he was taken to the pet cemetery near Brynford for a farewell ceremony.

Onlookers stopped in the street as the hearse - carrying the small coffin - took David to his final resting place.

The embalmed canine, who died aged 13, was buried in a special kimono after a service in the chapel of rest - with prayers and music including Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.

Labrador David Above, Elaine Below, David's His coffin was then carried by four pall bearers from the Daimler hearse to the burial site, with flower arrangement in the shape of bone on top of the small wooden casket.

Widow Elaine, who was unable to attend the funeral, told the Daily Post from Hong Kong: "David was a great dog and a very trustworthy friend and I really don't want to cremate him.

"I made a lifetime commitment to him. The pet cemetery in North Wales is a really impressive place where he can find eternal peace.

"We are short of space in Hong Kong. I have never been to the UK but I have an affection for the British. But the most important factor is I really believe David loved grass and the natural environment."

She added: "We are in deep grief and I am sending a representative to represent myself and my two children."

John Ward, who runs Pets Funeral Services UK, said the tombstone is made of black, polished granite with gold leaf lettering bearing the epitaph: "To our Dearest David, Salute to the most courageous person and the best trustworthy friend ever in our lives.

is laid to rest.

with David. gravestone "Thank you for loving us and making us feel deep much further what love truly meant.

"You deserve everyone's fullest respect and applause.

"May you stay strong and continue to shine at this Eternal Paradise."

Mr Ward said: "I feel very proud that Ms Kao has chosen us because she could have gone to anywhere in the world.

"I have been in the business for 25 years and I have never heard of a dog getting flown from that far away to Wales."

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Labrador David is laid to rest. Above, Elaine Kao with David. Below, David's gravestone

Family friend Francis at David's funeral at the pet cemetery in Holywell

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Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:9HONG
Date:Nov 22, 2015
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