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 HIGHLAND PARK, Mich., Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Last year's Dodge advertising announced to the world that the Dodge Intrepid "Changed Everything" for car buyers. This year, the world will see that Dodge is changing the rules for full-size trucks, with an innovative advertising campaign.
 To launch the new Ram pickup, Dodge will use a unique three-phase campaign aimed at separating the Ram from the rest of the full-size truck market.
 "This is a 'dare to be different' truck, so the advertising should 'dare to be different,'" said Dodge General Manager Martin R. Levine. "We have a truly revolutionary truck that challenges the existing rules that have been established for full-size trucks. It's important that our advertising communicates the product advantages the Ram has over Ford and Chevy, allowing Dodge to set new standards."
 Building on the successful style of the Intrepid advertising campaign launched in 1993, Phase One of the Ram campaign will be centered around an innovative outdoor and television "teaser" campaign that will run in September.
 Dodge will announce that someone is about to change the conventional rules of trucks; rules that have defined pickups for decades.
 Billboards will be used in the top truck markets, displaying many of the old truck premises like:
 -- For serious torque, diesel is the only choice;
 -- Four-wheel anti-lock brakes are for cars, not pickups;
 -- Trucks aren't supposed to be comfortable; and,
 -- A truck is a truck, not an office.
 A series of six :15 television spots will carry the same messages during the month.
 Phase Two will kick off on Ram Announcement Day, Oct. 1, and run through the rest of calendar-year 1993 with massive evidence that "the rules have changed" for the truck market. The teaser billboards will be replaced by a full view of the new truck, supporting the headline, "The Rules Have Changed."
 Complementing the outdoor campaign will be an aggressive print schedule, beginning with a four-color, double gatefold in USA Today on launch day. Follow-up 16- and 8-page inserts will be included in major magazine publications that will reach 86 million truck buyers in the final three months of the year.
 The main thrust of Phase Two will be a series of nine :30 television spots, each focusing on specific attributes of the new Ram that dispel the old rules. The spots will focus on Ram's safety leadership, comfort, styling, power, handling and quality.
 All in all, Dodge will reach 95 percent of the top truck-buying group -- males 25-54 -- an average of 28 times in the fourth quarter.
 "This is a very aggressive campaign. There is no doubt about it," Levine said. "But it is important that current Ford and Chevrolet truck buyers understand the product features and advantages of the new Ram."
 Phase Three starts in January and runs through September 1994. It will incorporate third-party testimonials and unique awards the Ram may win, similar to the Intrepid launch campaign.
 Dodge Intrepid
 With the launch of the Intrepid, Dodge's advertising told car buyers about Intrepid's revolutionary design and world-class features in a clever, yet believable way.
 The new advertising is an extension of the Intrepid campaign, once again highlighting major styling, performance and technological features that set Intrepid apart from the competition.
 Five new television spots have been developed. Each one singularly focuses on Intrepid's cab-forward design, technical sophistication, speed-sensitive steering and overall vehicle dynamics.
 "It is important that we continue to explain the product advantages Dodge Intrepid has over its competitors," Levine said. "And by grouping our ads in one program, we are able to show two or three key attributes to the same audience."
 Dodge Caravan
 As the best-selling minivan nameplate, Dodge Caravan will continue to build on 10 years of momentum with advertising that highlights its continuous improvement, with over 2,400 changes for the 1994 model year, and its safety leadership, with standard driver's-side and front passenger airbags and dynamic side-impact protection. These changes allow Caravan to meet the 1998 car safety standards four years early.
 Batton, Barton, Durstine & Osborne (BBDO) Advertising in Detroit is the Dodge advertising agency.
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